Dimension Films Removes HALLOWEEN 3D From Its 2012 Schedule

Dimension Films Removes HALLOWEEN 3D From Its 2012 Schedule

If you wanted to see Michael Myers once again this year, bad news. It seems that Dimension Films has pulled Halloween 3D from their 2012 schedule, and it is now waiting for the release date. More after the jump.

The new Halloween film featuring the iconic Michael Myers, titled Halloween 3D, was supposed to be released this October. But, the thing is, they haven't even started shooting. There is no cast, nothing. The last we heard is that Drive Angry 3D writers Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer would work on this chapter, but right now, nothing is confirmed. And now, according to Shock Till You Drop, the project has been removed from Dimension Films' schedule:

"The 3D Michael Myers outing - as we suspected a few weeks ago - has been pushed back. The film has adopted the dreaded "release date to be determined" status."

It is also not known whether or not will this be another remake of the original, or just a continuation of Rob Zombie's version. Report also adds:

"Insiders tell us Halloween 3D is a priority at the company and they're still fielding pitches."

So, I guess all we can do now is wait and see what happens. But, are you looking forward to another Halloween film? Share your thoughts below.

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