EDITORIAL: My Thoughts On The EVIL DEAD Reboot So Far

EDITORIAL: My Thoughts On The EVIL DEAD Reboot So Far

Many fans have been very skeptical about the idea of the upcoming reboot to Sam Raimi's cult classic Evil Dead, mainly because of the fact that the infamous protagonist of the original films, Ash, isn't featured. Hit the jump to read my take on the matter...

As a fan of Evil Dead, I have always liked fascinating lore that the films contain, as well as it's main protagonist Ash, who will unfortunately not be in the remake. To me, Ash (Bruce Campbell) was one of the highlights of the film, and many fans (including me) instantly loved the character. Adding to that, the dark humor, the gore, and the crazy ass demons made the movie one of the greatest horror shows out there. Without the element of Ash, I'm still just a little curious of how this movie will carry itself.

As everyone knows, the film industry today thrives off of reboots and remakes of popular movies/franchises that shined in the past, wishing to pull in more income and draw in new generations of fans for the stories that already support great fanbases. Many remakes however, usually fail to meet the satisfaction requirements of the fans, and are forgotten, while the originals continue to be the film(s) that people go and rent/buy. I rarely ever support the idea of remakes/reboots, especially if it's over films that I love.

So, on to this remake directed by Fede Alvarez (personally handpicked by Raimi himself) and produced by Raimi and Bruce Campbell. So far, images released have been promising, as well as the new trailer for the film. However, the exclusion of Ash always makes me say "No Ash, No Evil Dead" everytime a news article of the remake pops up. To me, it just seems off to not have the fan-favorite protagonist to continue on in films that bear the title. My only real complaint with this movie so far is that Ash will not appear, and I feel that that could really cripple its success.

A little nod to Ash eh? I love it.

I do like all the blood and gore that was seen in the trailer, as well as the look of the Deadites, and there was a certain shot from the trailer which can be seen above that I really liked. It's mainly the fact that Ash isn't there is what bugs me. But, an interesting way to work around the exclusion of Ash (which was pointed out by fellow CBM user ChanceX74), is that it could be a kind of sequel to the original films which sees a different bunch of kids in the same cabin, which could work out really well for the movie, making me forgive the only real issue I have with the remake so far.

CLOSING STATEMENTS: I don't know, even though the upcoming remake still has that feel of the original film, I just can't help but get that thought that it's gonna fall short, and be victim to that curse that plagues many of today's reboots and remakes. Out of everything that has been released as far as stills and the trailer goes, I will admit that I will be one of the ones giving it a try, but beyond that, it just seems like it's going to fail to deliver. Let's hope that Alvarez knows what he's doing.

Evil Dead is set for release next year.

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