EXCLUSIVE: Scott Leberecht On Midnight Son, The Lobo Paramillitary Christmas Special, And The Current Trend Of Comic Book Movies In Hollywood

<Font color="red">EXCLUSIVE:</font> <em>Scott Leberecht</em> On <em>Midnight Son</em>, The <em>Lobo Paramillitary Christmas Special</em>, And The Current Trend Of Comic Book Movies In Hollywood

CBM’s own Mark Julian interviews director Scott Leberecht about Midnight Son, Lobo,and next year's box office CBM battle. Hit the jump to listen to this exclusive interview.

Interview Conducted By: Mark Julian

Granted, you may not know the name Scott Leberecht, but if you're on this site then I'm pretty damn sure you've seen the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special. Scott has a pretty long track record in the film industry, working at Industrial Light & Magic, attending the American Film Institute, and now directing his own features. In this interview, we discuss his latest work, Midnight Son and look back on his film dedication to The Ultimate Bastich.

-Discusses his film Midnight Son which played at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival
-1:45 On the process of Indy film making and when he first had the idea for Midnight Son
-2:47 On the early response to Midnight Son
-4:10 On his decision to leave Industrial Light & Magic and become a director
-5:45 His favorite film that he worked on while at ILM
-6:48 Whether he's a "one-take" director or of the Stanley Kubrick variety
-9:02 We discuss the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (2002)
-10:42 On the popularity of comic book movies in Hollywood right now (very interesting points raised by Scott)
-14:01 Which comic book character, not named Lobo, he'd like to adapt (we ended up discussing the The Main Man anyway)
-19:04 His choice next year between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises

Here's the trailer for Midnight Son. You'll be able to watch the full film on Fear.net sometime in 2012.

Scott was also kind enough to send me these behind the scenes stills from the Lobo set. Click on the images below to enlarge. Be sure to keep your eye out for Scott's name on credits and movie posters. I have a feeling we'll be hearing big things from him in the future.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Scott graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in 1994. One year later, he joined George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic Art Department.

Over the next five years, he created storyboards and concept art for eight major motion pictures. When promoted to the position of Art Director, Scott guided the work of CG artists creating the visual effects for Walt Disney's 101 Dalmations and Flubber, New Line Cinema's Spawn, Warner Bros.' The Green Mile and Eraser, and Tim Burton's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

In 2001, Scott left ILM to attend the American Film Institute, where he wrote and directed six short films. UNDERDOG and NATURAL SELECTION toured major film festivals, winning several awards.

With a strong visual effects & animation background, plus countless hours behind the camera and in the editing room, Scott offers more than just the hand of a master illustrator. He is a tour-de-force of visualization for all motion picture medium.

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