Fan Favorite Bruce Campbell Returns with Bruce vs. Frankenstein!

Fan Favorite Bruce Campbell Returns with Bruce vs. Frankenstein!

Bruce Campbell has confirmed to Ain't It Cool News that there will be a sequel to the "My Name is Bruce" movie, where he played himself, a Dark Horse comics production...

Bruce sent out a statement saying that his boss Mike Richardson at Dark Horse would "crush my spleen, but screw it, the fans deserve to know."

He then went on with his statement to say: "So with great trepidation I officially announce Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, the sequel to My Name is Bruce. Principal photography begins this fall in Oregon. I'd like to live long enough to see the cameras roll, so please, for the love of God, do not tell anyone - I can't risk this announcement getting back to Mike! Thank you."

The original 2007 movie "My Name is Bruce," Bruce Campbell plays himself, who is mistaken for his character he plays in the "Evil Dead" movies Ash and forced to fight a real life monster - the Chinese protector of the dead, Guan-Di.

LEEE777 - Holy sh*t, maybe we don't get another "Evil Dead" movie yet but we get our Brucie fix, great news. Comments below.
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