GODZILLA 2014: What We Know PLUS Speculation

GODZILLA 2014: What We Know PLUS Speculation

A quick wrap up of what we know so far about Gareth Edwards' upcoming reboot of the classic movie monster, and one fanboy's thoughts about how it will go down. Click on to read Jobin's roundup, and leave your own feedback in the usual place.

Synopsis: "An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence"—Legendary Pictures.

Main Cast:
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lieutenant Ford
Bryan Cranston as Joseph "Joe" Brody, Ford's stepfather.
Elizabeth Olsen as Elle Brody, Ford's wife
Ken Watanabe as Daisuke Serizawa
Juliette Binoche as Sandra Brody, Joe's wife

This line up shows that the human drama will revolve around a family that is in the midst of this crisis. Lt Ford is a soldier that is fighting against Godzilla and the other monsters, while his wife Elle Brody is a nurse helping the wounded. They also have a daughter that will be caught up in the midst of this story. Bryan Cranston’s character, Joe is a scientist that is at the center of the still unknown experiments or accidents that causes all this trouble and from the looks of the trailer, he loses his wife Sandra, or she is hurt somehow in an accident involving a research vault as seen in the trailer. Ken Wantanabe’s character, Daisuke looks to be a scientist as well. This plays to a good human element of the movie that hopefully will bring depth, drama, and emotion.


Godzilla is obviously the main antagonist. Recent news hinted at part of the film being set in 1954 “sequences of the film set in the year 1954 were shot using vintage lenses from the early 1960s in order to give the film a "distant period feel" said Seamus McGarvey who served as the film's cinematographer. It was also hinted by the director Gareth Edwards that he envisioned a Toho employee had seen Godzilla in real life, and that the 1954 film was made based on that sighting. To many, it would seem that in this film, the 1954 movie will be a reality or part of the plot. A recent toy reveal showed a good look at Godzilla, and confirmed his atomic breath. Godzilla also seems to have gills as seen in a few promotional pictures, which explains his ability to stay underwater for so many years.

At the 2013 Comic Con Godzilla encounter, a prototype design was showcased, and is very similar to the final design.

One monster with the fan given name MUTO, has been seen in comic con footage as well as in the background for a Godzilla prototype toy. It or they have been described as white or grey insect like creatures resembling Praying Mantis or Spider.

Another creature, seen in the leaked teaser footage lying dead in the rubble, resembles a Centipede with hands and opposable thumbs, which is strange because centipedes and like insects do not have hands.

M.U.T.O Research:

This seems to be the agency that Joe and Daisuke work for as scientist's. It also seems to be the agency responsible for “meddling” with the science that creates the MUTO monsters. A viral website popped up a few weeks ago and gave a few clues to what M.U.T.O was.


That’s the gist of what we know so far, there is more but this points out the important stuff.

My guess is that Godzilla is a real creature that was spotted by a Toho executive in the 1950’s who then went back to Japan and made a movie about what he saw. Fast forward to the present, scientist are experimenting with something that creates the MUTO monsters, who run amok until Godzilla shows up and lays the smack down. In the middle of all this is the human element in the form of the aforementioned family and their involvement in the crisis as well as their concern for each other.

The film is scheduled to be released on May 16, 2014 in 2D and 3D.
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