Happy Halloween! 🎃 These Are The Scariest Marvel And DC Characters In Comic Book History

Happy Halloween! 🎃 These Are The Scariest Marvel And DC Characters In Comic Book History

Happy Halloween! 🎃 These Are The Scariest Marvel And DC Characters In Comic Book History

Today is Halloween so what better way to celebrate than by checking out the scariest Marvel and DC comic book characters who are sure to give you nightmares later (or make for a terrifying costume).

As the number of comic book movies released on a yearly basis rises, so too do the different sorts of genre that Marvel and DC attempt to tackle. Now, with The New MutantsVenom, and Justice League Dark all on the way, our favourite superheroes look set to become all about horror and that's no bad thing. After all, terrifying monsters and characters have always been a part of our favourite comics!

So, with Halloween here, we've been wondering which comic book characters from the Marvel and DC Universe are truly the most terrifying. We're not just talking about looks either as there's a lot that makes these heroes and villains scary enough to give you nightmares both on the page and screen.

What you'll find here then is our breakdown of the scariest characters in both the Marvel and DC Universes. From monsters who slaughter their prey to heroes that use fear as a weapon, this lot is sure to have freaked you out at some point. The question is, has your favourite managed to make the cut?

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The Marvel Universe features a lot of very scary Goblins but perhaps the most frightening is this one. Jason Macendale was actually the second Hobgoblin before he became possessed by a demon after making a deal with N'astirh for power. When Jason rid himself of the demon, Demogoblin was born! 


Parallax is quite literally fear itself so calling it terrifying seems like an understatement. After possessing Hal Jordan and decimating the Green Lantern Corps, the monster stayed dormant for a time before reemerging to power up the Sinestro Corps and ensure fear will always have a place in the universe.


More rat than human, anyone who has a fear of rodents will want to keep clear of this nasty Spider-Man villain. Famous for his role in "Kraven's Last Hunt," Vermin's backstory may be somewhat tragic but he's vicious, evil, and has no problem with tearing his victims to pieces when he gets hungry. 

The Joker

The Clown Prince of Crime is definitely frightening in terms of his appearance but it's what goes on in The Joker's mind that should really keep you up at night. With a psyche more twisted than any other villain in the DC (or Marvel) Universe, he's been making Batman's life a living hell for decades now. 


What if Spider-Man was evil? Well, that's Kaine (before he redeemed himself and became the Scarlet Spider). A twisted, scarred clone created by The Jackal, this insane version of Peter Parker spent years ruining the life of Ben Reilly before finally setting his sights on the real wall-crawler too.


Botanist Alec Holland may be on the side of the angels as the avatar of the Green but his ability to control any form of plant life can be truly devastating. Throw in the fact that he was transformed into Swamp-Thing following his death in a swamp as a result of a horrific accident and he's a horror icon! 


Scarecrow may be just a guy wearing a sack over his head but don't pretend seeing him down a dark alley wouldn't freak you out. Throw in the fact that he uses a fear gas which will make all of your worst nightmares come true and he really is one of the most imposing figures in Batman's rogues' gallery.

Marvel Zombies

Set in an alternate universe where a zombie outbreak has ravaged the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, these zombies are not to be messed with. Everyone from Captain America to Iron Man have been reduced to their baser instincts by the plague and Spider-Man even ate his Aunt May!

Fin Fang Foom

Fin Fang Foom is an alien from Kakaranathara and is quite easily one of the Marvel Universe's most frightening monsters. He's most frequently clashed with Iron Man - usually at the behest of The Mandarin - and while some writers have tried giving him a personality, he's best off as a monster!

Ghost Rider

If the Spirit of Vengeance comes calling, you're definitely in trouble! As horror comic book characters go, Ghost Rider is definitely up there with the best regardless of who it is beneath the flaming skull. His penance stare ensures that evildoers feel each and every one of their nastiest deeds! 


The ruler of Muspelheim, Surtur is a formidable force who's a major threat to even the God of Thunder. Capable of wiping out Asgard and bringing about Ragnarok, he's no joke and actually makes his big screen debut in Thor: Ragnarok next month where he's every bit as formidable and frightening.

Morbius The Living Vampire

Sometimes friend and sometimes foe to Spider-Man, Morbius isn't your typical vampire but will suck your blood just as quickly as Dracula himself! Currently an anti-hero of sorts, you never know where his alliances are going to lie, especially as his thirst for blood can vary from day to day.

Jack O'Lantern

A few different men have held the mantle of Jack O'Lantern but they've all looked downright horrifying. One was gunned down by The Punisher while attempting to kill Spider-Man and the latest is a sadistic mercenary abducted as a kid by Crime-Master who took the mantle after murdering his predecessors. 


Next year's Venom movie is going to be horror themed and it's easy to see why. This alien symbiote's origin may be rooted in the world of sci-fi but he's not to be trifled with and some iterations of the villain have even had a taste for human flesh. Plus, he's wanted to eat Spidey's brain for years!


There may be a resemblance to  Swamp-Thing in terms of appearance but Man-Thing is a very different monster. In fact, he's a large semi-intelligent creature that dwells in the Florida Everglades and is the sole guardian of the Nexus of All Realities located there. He's scary but has an important job.

Killer Croc

Suicide Squad's Killer Croc wasn't particularly scary but his comic book counterpart most certainly is! One of Batman's more unusual foes, it's when he goes full-on Croc that he's most terrifying and the Arkham video games did a particularly good job of emphasising his monstrous tendencies.

The Brood

The Brood are a race of alien parasites that reproduce by implanting their eggs in others. They are a recurring enemy of the X-Men, Sh'iar, and Captain Marvel and have the ability to control those they inhabit. That's led to some Alien style goings on in the comics which is always freaky to see play out. 

Werewolf By Night

That's right, the Marvel Universe has its own werewolf! Werewolf by Night was the victim of an ancient family curse who struggled for years with his bestial alter-ego. But over time has conquered his inner demons and become a hero; alas, that makes seeing him under a full moon no less scary.


One of the most notorious of Hell's demons, Etrigan's soul was merged with the body of a human man, Jason Blood, who calls upon the demon's terrifying power to fight the forces of darkness. He's clashed with a number of DC Comics over the years and is expected to appear in Justice League Dark.

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy is a reanimated corpse stemming from a cursed place near Gotham City called Slaughter Swamp. His appearance and strength have varied greatly over the years (he once rivalled Superman in terms of power) but one place he wasn't scary is in the latest season of Gotham

Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister has been portrayed in a lot of different ways over the years but it's when he's coming up with his truly most heinous plans - usually aimed at the Summers family - that he's really at his worst. Rumour has it that he'll show up in Gambit so here's hoping he's more creepy than camp.

Red Skull

Captain America's greatest foe since the dark days of World War II, this hideous looking villain has come up with all manner of plans over the years, including wiping out the mutant race, inserting part of Professor X's brain in his own and orchestrating the murder of Steve Rogers. Oh, and he's a Nazi.

Green Goblin

One of Spider-Man's biggest enemies, Norman Osborn has taken great delight in torturing Peter Parker for decades. He killed his girlfriend and even came up with a plan that seemingly resulted in the death of Peter and MJ's firstborn child. Throw in that terrifying mask and he's definitely scary. 


Batman is a scary dude but what if he was an actual Man-Bat? Well, that's the alter-ego of Kirk Langstrom, a scientist who developed a formula which made him more monster than man. Gotham City is scary enough as it is but seeing this guy in the sky would make you never want to leave the house!


Superman is the shining beacon of hope in the DC Universe but Bizarro is anything but. The opposite of the Man of Steel in literally every way, you would not want this strange creature swooping down to the sky to save you as it's far more likely that he'll just help whoever's robbing you instead.


A Fantastic Four villain, Annihilus rules over the Negative Zone and is one of the scariest monsters Marvel's First Family has ever faced. However, his ambitions have grown in recent years and the villain actually set his sights on taking over the entire Marvel Universe with his Annihilation Wave! 


In terms of appearance, Clayface is a pretty damn scary looking monster. However, throw in the fact that he's able to use his powers to transform into whoever he likes and you'll never know if your closest friend is actually this monster in disguise ready to smother you with clay and steal your face! 


Blade is one of the good guys but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be afraid of him! The Marvel Universe's Vampire Hunter slices and dices his way through his bloodsucking prey like no tomorrow and has no interest in making friends. He's even gone after heroes temporarily turned into vamps!

Legion Of Monsters

A group of benevolent monsters dedicated to protecting other misunderstood monsters from any threat, human or otherwise. A number of characters have joined the ranks of this team over the years and that includes some of the Marvel Universe's scariest threats...all in one place!


Nekron is the embodiment of death and darkness in the DC Universe and has the power to take and restore life as he pleases, contributing to the reanimation of many heroes in the past. That came during the events of Blackest Nights where his monstrous Black Lantern Corps were formed. 


Norman Osborn is psychotic but at least he has a plan. Roderick Kingsley, on the other hand, is just a total psycho who takes delight in causing chaos and while he initially just stole the Green Goblin's suit and tech, he's since upgraded that and make his appearance even more twisted and terrifying. 


If you thought Venom was scary, he's got nothing on Carnage! The offspring of that Symbiote bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady and the twisted duo have enjoyed murdering entire towns of innocents (literally) ever since. He can even turn his suit into devastating weapons like knives and axes! 

Purple Man

While it's true that Purple Man is something of a grounded character, the fact he can command anyone to do whatever he wants is definitely freaky. However, Mark Waid upped the spooky levels by introducing the villain's children and they were more than enough to give you nightmares!


The Marvel Universe's devil, Mephisto is responsible for making the life of Ghost Rider a living hell (literally) but has often set his sights on other heroes too. For example, it's his fault that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are no longer married as he took that in return for saving Aunt May's life.


He's The Batman! 'Nuff said.

Which of these comic book characters do you think is most frightening? Are there any listed here you'd like to see brought to the big screen that haven't already shown up? Sound off down below. 


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