Jane Levy Talks EVIL DEAD

Jane Levy Talks EVIL DEAD

Many..ok everyone was ho-hum about the decision to remake cult-classic The Evil Dead but after the red-band trailer I wager Fede Alvarez's horror film has shot up to the top on many 'Most Anticipated Films of 2013' lists. Mild Spoiler Warning.

On how physical her role in the remake was.
Levy: But this is also like, an extremely physical job, and just like what [director] Fede [Alvarez] was saying, we're doing everything that you see. I don't know how much I'm allowed to give away, but at one point I vomit all over somebody. A lot of vomit. Like, a shit-ton of fluid. I had a tube practically down my throat, and I'm on top of this girl and vomiting all over her. When you actually do something like that – I don't think I can actually describe the sensation – but I actually went to the corner and cried. I'm really sensitive. But I felt like I was really drowning my friend Jessica, it felt so bad. I was shaking... I could name ten of the most horrible things that could ever happen to you in your whole life, and all of those ten things happen to this character. It's horror of all horror films. It is extreme, and that's a lot of the reason I took this project on. I thought like why not do the most extreme movie possible? And the farthest from what I've been doing for the past year.

On her character's drug addiction which is why the group heads to the cabin.
Levy: But I think that part of the story is actually kind of small. Like that gets you there, that gets you into this environment, and I think from the very beginning Mia has made the decision that she's gonna be healthy. So she's not using drugs at all in this movie. It's like, withdrawal starts the minute the movie starts, and then she has to live.

On the approach she took to play an evil character.
Levy: Well, it's something I spent a lot of time thinking about. It's something I still think about and stress over. Because we've seen possessed people a lot of times in movies, and as an actor you're always interested in trying something new. And I didn't want to mimic anything, and I really wanted to be f**king scary... But I actually chose to humanize my Deadite a little bit, and I hope that turns out to be scary. I tried not to do much of like spider crawling up wall, like psycho body contortion…just because I wanted, I guess I wanted to try something new, and I also thought, and Fede thinks, that the idea of there being a human quality is almost scarier because it's scarier to think of your father being possessed than just like… do you know what I mean? Like, finding something that you can relate to about this person who's also doing horrible things, I thought would be terrifying. I have yet to see it, so I hope it works.

There's a bit more at STYD so click the source link below if you're intrigued enough to read the full interview. The film hits theaters April 12, 2013. Who of you is brave enough to go see it after that trailer?

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