JAWS Reboot In 3D Swimming Our Way?

JAWS Reboot In 3D Swimming Our Way?

JAWS Reboot In 3D Swimming Our Way?

The 3D news just does not stop!

Before I even begin to post this info on ComicBookMovie.com I must justify it's existence. I wouldn't want you CBM fans out there pulling your hair and screaming "But Jman Jaws isn't a Comic Book!" Oh yes, oh yes it is.

See and wait here's another one!

So see? Jaws news really is'nt out of the realm of Comic Books or the movies that follow them. Anyway back to the topic at hand. Cinema Blend reports that a unnamed source from Universal Studios is saying that plans to reboot Jaws and bring him or her (as the case may be) back to the big screen and in a 3D type of way.

Rumor is that Tracy Morgan is being considered for the role of Matt Hooper, portrayed brilliantly by Richard Dreyfus. Those are some large shoes to fill. Richard Dreyfus nailed that role and it will take some big acting chops from anyone else who attempts the Hooper role to do as good as Dreyfus did. If Universal remakes Jaws it can not be a comedy. That would kill it. The whole reason Jaws is scary is because you don't see it coming. Ask Sam Jackson how his experience with sharks go?

Could I see it? Yes. The technology has made leaps and bounds to be able to accurately portray Jaws in 3D today. Should it happen? Will audiences embrace Jaws the same way they did back in 75 when the original 'Jaws' became the first summer blockbuster? Who knows? They would need an all star cast but please leave the corn at home so its not too corny.

One thing is for sure, Universal knows it can improve the special effects to make Jaws more realistic, but is that really a reason to reboot a property?

So "Here's to swimming with bowlegged Women!!!"
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