Legendary Picture's GODZILLA Script Is Finished

Legendary Picture's GODZILLA Script Is Finished

With the production date in place, and the release date calmly approaching, how is the script coming along for the King of the Monsters?

Well the answer to that particular question is that the script to Legendary Picture's GODZILLA is officially complete!

As most of you would recall back in the early days of October that Drew Pearce was assigned to polish the script, and mature characters to a slightly more seasoned age. But during the mid weeks of November, it was confirmed earlier on by Drew Pearce himself through twitter that his time in "Godzilla-Land" was over.

There you have it folks, the script is finished. With the production date gradually rolling up soon, and Seamus McGarvey testing what visual approach that the film will take, this is most likely the last workings that the script will go through. (Unless announced otherwise by Legendary themselves, which most likely won't happen since they never had any real problems with the script when assigning Drew. They just needed a touch-up.)

Now all that's left is casting! Which more or less is most likely happening behind the scenes currently. We still have a few months before production, so don't expect any casting rumors or news right away. However, by the time 2013 finally rolls around, expect to see some interesting signs of radioactivity around this upcoming film.
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