Matthew Fox Talks WORLD WAR Z; "The Zombie Killing Was Fun!"

Matthew Fox Talks WORLD WAR Z; "The Zombie Killing Was Fun!"

Hit the jump to find out what Matthew Fox (Lost, Speed Racer) had to say about how his role in World War Z differs to that of the murderous 'Picasso' in this weekend's Alex Cross and those rumours of a troubled production.

In a recent interview with Collider, Lost star Matthew Fox has talked about his role in Marc Forster's World War Z; a film which has reportedly been the victim of a very trouble production (leading to numerous reshoots and a last-minute script rewrite). His latest role is as the murderous 'Picasso' in the big screen adaptation of James Patterson's Alex Cross novel, and the site was quick to ask him whether there are any similarities between the psychopathic serial killer and his character in World War Z. As it turns out, there aren't any!

No, they’re very different people. It was just one of those scheduling things that was unfortunate because I was trying to make myself look a certain way for this role, and then I would have, given the opportunity, [made the character] look a little bit different in World War Z. But, he’s a Navy seal and a little off. He’s a little fractured, but he’s certainly nothing like Picasso. Some of these trips back and forth, between the films, were really rapid. I would be on set [for Alex Cross] and, literally 48 hours later, I would be on set [for World War Z]. I remember thinking, 'I have to be careful.' Picasso’s voice took on a certain kind of rhythm for me, so I wanted to make sure that I was really distinguishing the two and keeping them very, very separate, and trying to make sure that I was being absolutely true to what I wanted to accomplish within each role and within each story.

As for whether or not the reports of a troubled production really are legitimate (something that leading man Brad Pitt has repeatedly denied), Fox revealed that he came across no such problems while working on the film. The actor also confirms earlier reports about the film impressing those who have seen footage from it. Oh, and his favourite moment? Killing zombies of course!

From my standpoint, it was fantastic. I think the troubled stuff has been misrepresented, honestly. My experience was fantastic. I have some people that work for companies that represent me who have seen the film and think it’s fantastic. The zombie killing was fun. I got to shoot really cool guns.

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