Predictions For True Blood Season 4

Predictions For True Blood Season 4

A rundown of what I expect to come in the fourth season of True Blood.

As the third season of the very popular HBO series comes to an end, many fans are most likely beginning to speculate over the next season (not due to return until next summer). Here are some of the things I am confident they are going to do next year in comparison of the fourth book, considering they take some of the storyline from the different books.

Alan Ball, as well as a few cast members, has confirmed that next season will involve witches, hence it being dubbed, “the season of the witch.” With that said expect Holly, the new waitress/wiccan at Merlotte’s, to play a much bigger role in the series. I doubt that with the popularity of the pairing of “baby-vamp” Jessica and “nice guy” Hoyt, that they’ll take her character in the same direction they did in the book series, which was her eventually getting engaged to Hoyt, but we’ll see.

Debbie Pelt haters rejoice! I am convinced that in the next season they are going to ice that were-bitch. Maybe not the same way they did in the books, which was Sookie blowing her head off with a shotgun, but she will meet her end and that will lead into one of the storylines of Season Five. Because let’s be honest, Season Five is going to happen. Alas, before any of that goes down I also expect Alcide and Debbie to be an item during the season.

Next up, Jason Stackhouse will be joining the world of the supernatural, but not by his choice. The season isn’t over yet but I am thinking that with the introduction of Crystal, Calvin Norris and Felton Norris that one way or another Sam Merlotte and the Weres won’t be the only one to feel the shifting itch during a full moon. Jason fate is sealed once Felton, in a fit of jealousy, kidnaps Jason and bites him continuously until Jason is turned into a were-panther. Felton’s logic for this is he believes Crystal wants Jason because he’s normal, not a were like him.

Alan Ball confirmed at Comic Con that a “certain” character will have amnesia next season. Eric gets a curse put on him, which gives him amnesia, by a character named, Hallow. Hallow has already been confirmed by Mike Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly as being a character next season, and since Hallow and her pack are the villains in the books, expect them to be the baddies for next season. Hallow is also a triple threat, not only is she a witch but she’s also a were who drinks Vampire Blood.

Team Eric fans are in for a good season. When Eric is under the curse, he is a whole different person. He’s a gentler and sweeter Vampire and the wall between Eric and Sookie crumble down faster than Berlin Wall. Expect things to heat up between them next season.

Team Bill fans will be disappointed. Now, I’m not saying they will go in this direction because most likely they won’t but Bill isn’t around at all in the fourth books. He goes to Peru and is gone the whole storyline. I am expecting them to make some storyline for Bill or maybe, just maybe, there is some truth to the Dr. Doom rumor and this is his “out” without going against his contract or being killed off. Just kidding. I doubt it.
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