RESIDENT EVIL: RISING To "Definitely Be In 3D" States Director

RESIDENT EVIL: RISING To "Definitely Be In 3D" States Director

No surprise there! While at the Bejing International Film Festival, director Paul W.S. Anderson(Event Horizon, Resident Evil) revealed that along with the last two installments, the upcoming sequel will yet again feature 3D format. Check it out after the jump.

While at the Bejing Film Festival, Paul W. S. Anderson revealed the title and plot of the next Resident Evil film, also that Ada Wong actress Bingbing Li would return and that information was covered HERE. Anywho, Anderson also revealed that this next and probably last installment will be in 3D, notably becuse of China's heavy support of the format. The director had this to say:

"I think China has an amazing opportunity that 3D is still alive and well here and people still pay to the cinema and go see it," he told the audience. "I think you should really cherish that."

Coming as no surprise since 3D is a cash cow for films these days, A film has to be good if it's in 3D right? I would beg to differ, seeing as how the films in the franchise have been financially successful but not so successful from the ciritical standpoint. The upcoming film has no specific release date, and besides that of Bingbing Li, no other casting news has been revealed/confirmed as of yet. Stay tuned to CBM as more follows.

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