RUMOR: Possible DARK SHADOWS Trailer Description

RUMOR: Possible DARK SHADOWS Trailer Description

IMDB member, Audie Rules, claims to have taken a movie survey of the unreleased trailer for Dark Shadows. Even though the member is a self proclaimed fan of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, he still felt the trailer's tone was far too comedic.

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Dark Shadows opens up in May and we still haven't seen a trailer for this movie, that is almost unheard of. There could be a lot at play, but one of them is something that actress Helena Bonham Carter alluded to a few months ago, this film is a challenge to market. If the description below is true than that would mean the film will be sold as a comedy, but I've also read reports that the film will have plenty of scares in it as well, but it appears that tone and imagery won't be marketed.

Audie Rules states that the trailer will use The Doors' song "People are Strange." Normally I don't like to post things from IMDB, which is notorious for fictional descriptions, but this one actually seems legit. And with the films opening just a few months away, I would say it's a pretty good guess that a rough cut of the first trailer at the least is being screened for review.

You get to see everyone especially Chloe who reminds me of Lydia from Bettlejuice without the goth look. Eva looks sexy in her green corset but she also has jokes. You see Jonny Lee Miller a couple of times and I thought it was a Woody Harrelson lookalike. Jackie Earle Haley looks exactly what I expected and he should make us laugh but his character is suppose to. The trailer shows a lot of cast members.

And I know he's a fan but he doesn't remind me of the TV Barnabas at all, he's more like George Hamilton from Love at First Bite. I really wish I was lying and that I was making this up but unfortunately I'm not. To prove I'm not lying you will hear the song "People are Strange" when you see the trailer.

There is another joke where Barnabas is at the dinner table with Collins family and mentions that he wants to restart the family business(you then see a clip of a assemble line factory) and he ask the family to get the horses. Elizabeth (Pheiffer)replies, Horses? We don't have horses we have Chevy's. This was one of several jokes referring to him being in 1972.

I saw this in the trailer and he asks her, "What did I ever see in you" and she rips off her shirt to reveal a sexy green corset and her big boobs and he replies "Oh, now I remember."

He does have fangs and he is strong, actually you see him really strong at one point of the trailer where he shouldn't have any strength at all. I can see a debate coming.

It was actually a pretty finished cut. More stuff I remembered is a crane hitting the coffin and a construction worker yelling "we found something", you then see something of an explosion or magic powers coming from the casket(I just realized that coffin and casket are the same thing, hahaha), a construction worker being dragged into the casket, Barnabas wandering around the town in awe of department store windows, Willie telling Barnabas that it's 1972 and Barnabas saying 1972 in a weird, shocking, and funny way. He meet the Collins family and tells them he's a distant relative, Lydia [Carolyn] makes a teenager wisecrack, in one scene Angelique greets him with a passionate kiss, you see Helena Carter but I couldn't make out what she said.

Dark Shadows also stars Helena Bonham-Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, Chloe Moretz and Jackie Earle Haley and will be with us May 2012.
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