SCOOP: Dave Bautista's Next Film Project To Be...A Zombie Movie?

<font color=red>SCOOP:</font> Dave Bautista's Next Film Project To Be...A Zombie Movie?

We've managed to uncover a little info on what the former WWE superstar might be working on after he finished beating up aliens for James Gunn in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Nothing 100% concrete yet, but read on for what we have..

Here's an interesting one for Bautista fans. As the former pro-wrestler's profile begins to grow after roles in Riddick and, of course, Guardians Of The Galaxy; we're hearing that his next movie project might well be a zombie flick, written by Jon Lee Brody (Pawn, Star Trek Into Darkness) and mixed martial artist turned actor Cung le (The Man With The Iron Fists, Tekken) who also looks set to act in the movie. Word is that the script has being doing the rounds and has finally found a home, and that Dave Bautista may have committed to star..though we can't confirm this at the moment and have no info on the character he'd play. Unfortunately all we can reveal about the actual movie itself is that it'll be a new take on the zombie genre, incorporating martial arts into the undead carnage. So not too much to go on for now, but trust us, this is brewing! More info soon.
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