Top 5 SUPERNATURAL spin-off ideas

Top 5 SUPERNATURAL spin-off ideas

Just a few ideas of possible successors to the great show

To say SUPERNATURAL is my favorite show of all time is an understatement. For the past eight years I've been on an insane road trip with my two favorite characters on T.V, Sam and Dean, and I've loved every minute of it. Signs show that SUPERNATURAL is well on it's way to go to ten seasons, which is long for any T.V show, but what then ? I don't know about any of you, but I wouldn't know what to do with myself once the show was over. Then I thought " what about a spin-off?" I might be wrong for saying this but in my opinion SUPERNATURAL has the greatest television mythologies ever, only second to the BUFFYVERSE. Over the years the show has introduced us to amazing characters and many different possibilities a spin-off could take us. So these are my top five spin-off ideas for SUPERNATURAL from good to great.


I remember hearing a couple of years back that the creators wanted to spin-off the then unseen Samuel Colt character into his own show. Apparently, the show would've revolved around Colt and a couple of his hunter friends as the fight evil in the old west. I'm not sure what you guys think, but to me that just sounds awesome. Unfortunately, nothing came of it, but that doesn't mean the idea can't resurface. Just imagine a badass western that was kind of a mixture of SUPERNATURAL and the AMC show HELL ON WHEELS. I'd hope if the show got made it wouldn't be about the old Samuel Colt like the one we saw in season 6, but would instead have Colt be about thirty and as the show goes on it would show him making the gun and building the giant devil's trap.


This season has introduced us to the secret history of the Winchester family and the forgotten organization known as the MEN OF LETTERS, Which as Dean puts it were the Yoda to the hunters Jedi. This one idea has opened up a whole new world for us to explore. As Henry Winchester said the MEN OF LETTERS has recorded and guarded supernatural secrets since nearly the beginning of time. This could be an interesting show as it could take place in any time period, but of course I'd like for it to follow a Winchester. Since Henry was only a recent member before he was transported to 2013, I don't think it would be good idea for him to lead, but perhaps his father. Like Henry said the Winchesters have been MOL for generations. Unlike SUPERNATURAL where the show follows hunters and how they track and kill monsters, a MOL show could be a bit more elegant while still being totally kick ass, think X- FILES meet INDIANA JONES in the twenties where "the MEN" travel the world to find and protect supernatural relics. That would be cool.


As we all know Sam and Dean have ass-kickin' genes from both sides of the family and I think a show about The Campbells could be very entertaining. Taking place in the 60's and about five years before Dean went back in time, the show would follow Samuel Campbell and his career as a hunter and his relationship with his daughter Mary, a bit far fetched, yes but I think its cool. Did Samuel end up being a double crossing jerk who sold out Sam and Dean, yes but he was trying to get his daughter back, that's a pretty noble reason. The only reason we hate him for that is because we like Sam and Dean so much. Anyway, a retro supernatural would be fun to watch.


This one is actually a really cool idea and if the network had any brains they would do it. Much like the comic books this show would follow John Winchester one week after Mary has died would and show John's introduction into the hunter life. As the seasons went on it would show how the average husband and father became the deadly and experienced hunter and the quite cold dad to young Sam and Dean. It would also show John meeting Bobby, Ellen and other hunters and slowly filling in his iconic journal. As we know John would leave the boys in motel rooms for weeks at time and I just think it would be cool to see what he's been doing. One more thing, I think it would be really cool if each episode started with either Sam, Dean, or perhaps and older john( before he died ) reading a page from the journal, which would introduce us to the plot of the episode.


Who doesn't love Cass? Since his introduction in season 4 Castiel has been one of the most popular characters on T.V. At first we weren't sure what to make of this angel-guy, but soon enough we found out how amazing and compelling a character he was. He could badass, funny, emotional and just full on awesome. I'm not really sure what journey Cass is gonna go in the next two seasons, but if he lives, and I say IF because with SUPERNATURAL you never know, I think Cass could hold his show and it would be fantastic. After that crap with the whole "New God" thing, Cass has been looking to make amends for his action. I can totally see him going on his own traveling the world trying to help people, and then every once and a while he'd get caught up in some heavenly conflict, think Burn notice meets Legion( but good).

So that was my list, leave your thoughts below and tell me if you have any ideas.
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