You FANBOYS need to appreciate a good film...ERTH2DREW's thoughts of DYLAN DOG

You FANBOYS need to appreciate a good film...ERTH2DREW's thoughts  of DYLAN DOG

This review will get some people going but you need to know how to appreciate a good movie when watching one no matter the original thoughts for dylan dog dead of night.

This is my first article since I've been using this site for idk how many years been an official member since 2009 or so....however i don't care how easy ya'll go i want to hear your thoughts so.....
I watched Dylan Dog Dead of Night last night and was left feeling a little angry, and not because it was a horrible movie like most fans were ranting about when it was finally released. But before i go into why i was angry i will give this movie the proper intro and review...starring Brandon Routh as Dylan and Sam Huntington as his sidekick. This movie is a classic mystery/horror story and gets it going right from the beginning and keeps you interested throughout the film. The acting was almost perfect and not over the top, like most b rate films. The special effects were seamless and transitions flawless. I would even say this was a visually striking movie. The colors and themes captured New Orleans perfectly and I've only been once so i am in no way claiming it was accurate to the tit, anyways. The plot twist towards the end really got me. I won't spoil it as i want people to watch this movie. With all of this being said i will now continue why i left so angry after this movie's credits read vertically.

This for this is I've trusted the thoughts and or opinions people have towards graphic or reading material adaptations. But it was after watching this that I've realized a lot of you have anger issues, mommy issues, or really unhappy with your lives and these movies you cry about being made aren't that bad. Movies today are made ten times better than they have in over 15 years....let's face it the tech is just better. And as far as continuity with origin material, look it does always work out that FIRST CLASS, which EVERYONE TALKED SMACK ON but was the hands down the best x men flick since the first and even better than that IMO. However it doesn't seem to bother some of you closed minded fan boys bc watchman was translated 99 percent to the original material and critics STILL HATED IT! So they is no satisfying you angry and depressed suggestion to you guys open your mind or don't watch movies bc you don't appreciate the FILM world. I love a good movie and comic book/graphic novels/book adaptations are about 35 percent of the films i point is don't people push you away from great title's just bc they didn't get one off for the lack there of whatever they wanted in the film....when watching a movie don't have honestly not all hot and bothered but TDKR im more over excited about spider-man this summer season and avengers too lol, who isn't, but i will still go see it and without expectations, im sure ill love it. All I'm saying is to be so quick to judge, as im sure that most of people talk trash before they even see it or never see it for whatever reasons, but to miss out on a great movie isn't in my things to do list. alright im done sound off below i'd like to hear feedback and i will be getting more into writing reviews and steering the true film lovers in some good directions...and again its all opinions.
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