You Might be a Zombie!

Very funny book, available paperback and electronic.

This book, reviewed by even Stan Lee, is flat out very informative, and very funny.
"You Might Be A Zombie is the funniest, wisest, greatest book ever written! I keep reading and re-reading it here in my padded cell!"
– Stan Lee
"In a sea of literary lies, finally a book that will tell you the TRUTH about the things you need to know."
– Sarah Silverman
"People keep sending me links to, and gradually I'm realizing it's smart, funny and cool."
– Roger Ebert

Anyways, about the book.

It's divided up into chapters, that their team of writer took subjects and ran with them.... like:

-5 Hollywood Adaptions That Totally Missed the Point.

-5 Awesome Places to Have Sex (and the Horrific Consequences)

-the 4 Most Baddass Presidents of all Time

-5 Stories of Jesus's Childhood they had to Cut From the Bible...

In the intro of the book, they even set the pace:
You hold in your hands the most mind-blowing nuggets of information federal and local anti-headsplosion laws allow us to print on anything that's not a tarp.

Directions for reading the book are included:
-You Might be a Zombie should be read in a seated position.
-Due to risks posed by rapidly descending jaws, males are advised to wear an athletic supporter.
-Females are advised to wear as little as possible, though that's more of a marketing thing.

Anyways, grab the book if you can, and read. It's a quick, fun read.
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