Arc of THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Why we won't get a Hulk sequel?

Arc of THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Why we won't get a Hulk sequel?

Looking outside of the box office numbers of the last two solo films, I give my explanation as to why we won't get a sequel to the Edward Norton film.

To forewarn you guys, I've been thinking a lot bout upcoming superhero movies lately so expect at least one or two more of these before the release of, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That being said, this is an expansion of a comment I recently made in an article where Ruffalo talking about already doing some motion capture work for Hulk in the highly anticipated, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Everybody wants a sequel to, The Incredible Hulk. But, here's something to think about. Is it because of The Avengers and how awesome he was OR do we genuinely want a Hulk sequel?

Let me explain. I will bring up the box office numbers briefly. Neither of the last two Hulk films broke $300 million world wide. It doesn't mean they were failures, they just made solid money is all. Hulk is by far the one of the toughest cookies to crack in bringing our beloved superheroes to the big screen. The general audience wants to see the Hulk smash things and fight. That's why he hasn't done well. They find the Bruce Banner aspect boring. This also brings up why I believe we will never get a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk film (besides the fact I don't want one). What makes Hulk so interesting is Bruce Banner and what makes Bruce Banner so interesting is, The Hulk. You can't have one without the either. Kevin Feige has even stated that what makes Hulk so interesting IS, Bruce Banner.

I have a belief as to what Bruce's arc will be in the films from Phase One's The Incredible Hulk to Phase Three's Avengers 3. The Incredible Hulk was about trying to find a cure to The Hulk and getting rid of him because he has not only ruined Bruce's life but is also a menace and the government wants to use it as a weapon. We then find him in Avengers in hiding still having gone a while without an incident. He believes that, The Hulk is a curse and knows that by going to S.H.I.E.L.D that there is a high chance that Hulk will come out and wreck havoc. BUT, Bruce does have control. He is able to use the Hulk for the greater good and save New York and the world itself. But, Hulk is still believe to be a menace. This brings us to, The Avengers: Age of Ultron where we will get to see the world's view of, The Avengers themselves. Bruce is at peace but, because everyone knows who The Avengers are and some even know their real identities. This would bring us to Baron Von Strucker with Loki's scepter to try and control Bruce and use the Hulk to his advantage. Bruce is tortured by this throughout the film as he is the cause of destruction at the beginning of the film. He is able to connect with Scarlet Witch and by the end of the film, after Ultron is defeated. We see Bruce leaving The Avengers, as he feels he is too much of a high risk and doesn't want anymore lives lost.

So, where is he at in Avengers 3? Let me get to that. In Avengers 3, we all know that Thanos will have the Infinity Stones and will rule the galaxy as he sees fit. The Avengers come together to stop this threat but know that even with the help of some new allies, they still need The Hulk to stand a chance. Bruce sees the threat that has come and is found by, The Avengers who seek his help. Bruce agrees to help in the final battle. He goes after, Thanos believing that he is the only one who can stop him. This causes Thanos to eventually killing the Hulk after a brutal fight, showcasing his power. Sure, not many of you are happy with this theory/idea. But, here's why he ends like that. After the battle is won and Thanos is defeated. We get a funeral for Bruce and The Hulk is finally realized as not a menace but a misunderstood monster who really was a hero. It makes sense for it to be like this because it brings The Hulk story to full circle.
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