EDITORIAL: Lindsey35's crazy and random thoughts on HULK (2003)

EDITORIAL: Lindsey35's crazy and random thoughts on HULK (2003)

What’s that? What’s that I hear? Lindsey35 is doing an editorial that ISN’T about Spider-Man?! You heard right, ladies! I recently watched HULK(2003) and…this came up. As surprising as it is (and trust me, it is surprising) I actually enjoyed it.

FIRSTLY. This is NOT meant to cause a big stink or flame war. I chose to make this editorial to discuss why, us as fans, like and DON'T like HULK (2003).

Hey everyone! This is my first article that ISN’T Spider-Man centered! Yay! Today, I want to talk with you about one of my favorite movies of all time (and it’s quite surprising, maybe even disturbing to some) Hulk (2003). These are just my crazy, random, and probably inaccurate, thoughts about the film. So if something sounds off, just bear with me. Now, I know a lot of people on this site really dislike this movie, which is why I choose such an interesting topic. Without further ado, let’s rewind the clocks back to 2003 (or Sunday, since that’s the last time I re-watched Hulk)!

Hulk focuses on the psychological part of Bruce Banner’s mind, which is, in my opinion, an interesting direction for the genre. It also focuses a lot on Bruce’s disturbing childhood, and for me that was kind of…dark. This movie made Bruce Banner an even more tragic character, and I keep asking myself if that’s a good or bad thing. This leads me to my next thought:


This movie gives Bruce reasons to be angry, and I think that makes him a lot more interesting and a lot more tragic. Like, this is his chance to unleash all the things he’s kept bottled up for so many years. And here’s the cool part, Bruce might not be able to remember those disturbing events in the beginning of the movie, but the Hulk sure does. And I like that. So, is making Bruce Banner’s life even more tragic a good thing? Yes, for this movie, at least.


Yes, Betty Ross (played brilliantly by Jennifer Connelly) is in love with Bruce, but her goal and purpose in this film is to help him. I got this “friend before lover” vibe from her the entire time, and I think it did this movie justice. One of my main issues with The Incredible Hulk was that, both Betty and Bruce felt…distracted by each other, to me at least. Jennifer’s Betty was more focused and grounded on being Bruce’s friend and helping him keep the Hulk under control.


One of the things I love about this Hulk is that he changes when he gets angry. Not because his heart rate goes too high or because he can control it (*cough* The Avengers *cough*). Hulk transforms because something has really pissed him off. Now, that’s not to say Bruce doesn’t have some small form of control. The scene with him and Talbot, for example; I think Bruce forced himself not to change, because he knew if he did it would only cause more destruction and there would be more poor souls like him roaming around in the future, which leads me to believe that Hulk CAN be called a superhero, instead of a monster. Because, even though the beast probably wanted to rip Talbot’s head off, Hulk stayed inside of Bruce and took the beating (which defeats the purpose, anyway, because Hulk would have escaped. But you know what I mean….) He even knows who the bad guys are and who his friends are. For example, he protected Betty from those dogs, instead of going all ape on her, as well.


This one speaks for itself, really. Even though special effects sucked back in the day, this movie didn’t hold back on making Hulk a disastrous lunatic.


“You think you can live it? Take it! Take it ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!”

Before anyone pulls a gun on me, I’m not going to…’entirely’ defend “The Absorbing Man.” David Banner becoming the villain in this movie is probably everyone’s biggest issue, along with the fact that he basically created the Hulk. But I think that whole story-line did the film justice. It fit the tone of the movie and the tone of Bruce Banner. But most of all I think it fit the tone of 2003, because I think it got everyone in the mood of comic book movies, much like the first X-Men film. It is so… bold! Hulk is a twisted and crazy/emotional film, and The Absorbing Man did it justice, in an extremely strange way. You know why? Because David Banner proves how tragic Bruce is, and how much he doesn’t want to be the Hulk. David Banner truly is a villain; he has literally destroyed Bruce’s drive to live, sort of similar to the Green Goblin... “FIRST, WE ATTACK HIS HEART!”

In closing, Hulk (2003) is one of my favorite movies. It not only entertains me but it messes with my head. Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly stole the show for me, and their performances is what makes me say:
“Give me a sequel!”

But sadly, that will never be.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, as well! Sound them in the comments section! And as always, thank you for reading!
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