Editorial: The Psychology of Bruce Banner, A Story That Should Be Told

I am The Comic Critic and I would like to discuss a possible story for the next Hulk adaption

Hello and I'm John Jones aka The Comic Critic,

In a few of my recent editorials I have made opinions on future stories that should be utilized for such characters as Iron Man and Batman. I see these opinions did not fare well with many people and left me publicly humiliated as a joke. Which I should be clear now, these opinions are serious in the matter of careful research and my own intelligent thoughts combined. For I am not a troll but a man with ideas that may change the way you look at comic book characters today. In speaking of this manner might I add, my name is John Jones(could be shortened to Mr.Jones) or John or The Comic Critic and I would appreciate other vulgar/crude names not being typed towards me for respectfull purposes.

Now I shall begin the topic now which involves a character known as Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner's a genius,scientist, and a hero. He has an alter side to him known as The Hulk. A story which should be simple enough to understand but it is not. His recent media portrayal in The Avengers depicted him in his usual stasis as a man trying to over come his anger and way to get rid of The Hulk once and for all. But how about a media portrayal which instead depicts him as a version of Bruce Banner who has finally destroyed his Hulk alter ego once and for all.But instead of a nation at peace they demand to put him on trial for his crimes and destruction. Eventually justice prevails and Bruce Banner is sent to a mental asylum to be refreshed on life. But all things come to an end when an old friend of his makes a visit, Samuel Sterns aka The Leader who needs the control of the hulk to help ravage and destroy the world as part of his revenge like plan. And the perfect way would be to utilize Bruce Banner once again as the victim of torment to become the Hulk once more. 

How this may work, The Leader was already hinted as a possible villain in The Incredible Hulk. And as The Leader he has vast knowledge of gamma radiation. Above all he is an extreme genius.

It would also be the perfect way to explore more of Bruce Banner's past include his history also. There could be flashbacks to his childhood through teens all up to present day being told in these psychological reports and from his own views. 


The first half of this film would depict how Banner has overcome the Hulk, the trial, and him being in the mental asylum while the second half would see the return of Samuel Sterns and his plans of revenge coming in full circle at once. It would be a classic comic book story of falling and soon rising again to become who you are in life. The last solo films depicted the usual running away and trying to be a hero formula where in this one it would make a desperate departure to a more deeper and personal story involving him that would actually make sense at the same time. In general it would make a much darker and violent story which is what this character needs.
I would recommend this theme for the film as it is a right tune that depicts a calming peaceful nature in regards to the "Lonely Man" theme.


If you have any suggestions or comments please write them below and I will try to read and respond to them.
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