Guillermo Del Toro Fields Questions About Pacific Rim And The Hulk Television Show

Guillermo Del Toro Fields Questions About Pacific Rim And The Hulk Television Show

<em>Guillermo Del Toro</em> Fields Questions About <em>Pacific Rim</em> And <em>The Hulk</em> Television Show

Guillermo del Toro has a number of potatoes in the oven but arguably the biggest potatoes are his ambitious mecha monster rumble flick, Pacific Rim and his involvement with the Hulk's return to TV.

Source: io9

Speaking to io9, Del Toro fielded questions about the current status of Pacific Rim and the Hulk television show.

Following up on discussions about del Toro's novel and graphic novel, The Strain, io9 asks him to elaborate on putting his personal spin on the monster movie genre with Frankenstein and Pacific Rim:

Del Toro: The reality is that it comes not from a goal, but from the fact that I'm fulfilling my bucket list as a kid.

Del Toro goes on to open up more about how Pacific Rim is progressing:

Del Toro: Very good, we're at the end of our second week. We are shooting everything for the main complex in the movie, which is a huge complex in Hong Kong where the robots are maintained. We are doing that, while building downtown Hong Kong streets.

Del Toro then shifted focus onto the upcoming Incredible Hulk TV show for ABC and it's progress:

Del Toro: Very good. We delivered the screenplay to the network. I have a very specific idea of how to do it, and we're waiting for the green light. We know all the iterations of the Hulk pretty good. We've read all the essential stories, and we're then riffing on that. There are so many incarnations and ideas. Jeph Loeb — who did a good run [on Hulk: Grey] — is involved, and I love Peter David's Hulk. But there's really no part in that mythos that we don't know, so we are trying put our own personal spin on it.

The Q&A closed Del Toro discussing what's currently inspiring him:

Del Toro: I really enjoyed Drive and [director Kim Ji-woon's] I Saw The Devil, which is absolutely insane and brutal. I recommend it for the not faint of heart.

Del Toro previously described the monsters in the film, Pacific Rim to be "Huge" and stated that the film involves them traveling through a vortex in the pacific rim where they attack major cities and humans must battle them by using mecha suits called Jaegers. He commented,"This is my most un-modest film, this has everything. The scale is enormous and I'm just a big kid having fun."

Guillermo del Toro (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡiˈʎermo ðel ˈtoɾo]; born October 9, 1964) is a Mexican director, producer, screenwriter, novelist and designer. He is mostly known for his acclaimed films, Blade II, Pan's Labyrinth and the Hellboy film franchise. He is a frequent collaborator with Ron Perlman, Federico Luppi and Doug Jones. His films draw heavily on sources as diverse as weird fiction, fantasy and war.

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