Guillermo Del Toro Offers Update On HULK TV Series

Guillermo Del Toro Offers Update On HULK TV Series

The Pacific Rim director gives an update on his planned television series based on Marvel Comics' The Hulk, saying that a new writer is currently being searched for. He also praises the recently released The Avengers

Speaking with MTV Splashpage at San Diego Comic-Con, director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, next year's Pacific Rim) is asked about the current status of his planned Hulk television series. "I have had a couple of minutes with Marvel since 'Avengers,' and they have the screenplay," del Toro said. "We're waiting for a particular writer to do a rewrite on the pilot. That's where we are right now. But we're still on."

Additionally, del Toro didn't hesitate to express his love for Marvel's recent blockbuster The Avengers. "I think 'Avengers' is beautiful because you give a movie like that -- that size, that scope -- to a guy that has the tone and the pulse of those things dead on, and that's beauty or curse, you know?" the director said.

Last we heard about the Hulk series , ABC was hoping to begin airing it sometime next year. Also, del Toro has said that his vision of The Hulk will be entirely separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version (played by Edward Norton in 2008's The Incredible Hulk and by Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers). Still, with the recent success that Avengers' Hulk has found on the big screen, do you want to see the same version appear on ABC?

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