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Hi All…
You may know me from such things as, “Wow…who’s that hot stud talking to Tea’s ugly ass?”, or, “Weird, is that Brad Pitt?”…but, today I’m here about movies!

Tea's Comic Con/Rape outfit.

HBO sucks…and, they’ve been replaying Hulk a lot recently. So, I, drunkenly, watched it...again. And, now…that sexy breakdown!
Ok, as cliché as it sounds…It wasn’t a horrible movie. But, it was a horrible Hulk movie. What a lot of you younger guys/morons don’t get…is that the Silver Age of comics was way, way more campy that the recent years. I hate to give that jerk (albeit genius) Alan Moore any credit as creating a watershed (again…cliché) moment,

but…he did (Frank Miller greatly helped/added to that). Comics got way more “mature” post-Watchmen. It’s a fact, Jack. X-Men kinda got serious in the late 70’s. But, I digest…point being, a lot of the guys writing/directing/producing now…grew up in the Silver Age…much like our own Hawksblueyes…who’s super old and out of touch. And, are going off , at least in memory, different source material. Point being, Mr. Lee took the campy a bit too far.
Wow...his eyes are blue!

Anyway, Hulk (2003)…sucked, agreed. But, it really had some redeeming qualities. Chiefly…the cgi. And, before you crybabies start…Avatar was not that impressive on my super-awesome 1988 Hitachi TV/VCR/Hot Plate combo.

Also, the first fight…with the puppies…sucked and shouldn't have.
Wow, could have been awesome. Well shot. Well storyboarded…etc. But, the friggin’ poodle. It took me so many seconds to get over just how dumb that was…bam…cool scene…ruined like Nuck’s underpants on Taco Tuesday.
He should have gone with all pit bulls…would have been scary. Like me.

The look…of The Hulk…ahhh…wasn’t totally unforgivable. Yeah, a bit ‘bright’, but, whatever. Could live with it.
The desert fight…awesome! Had that not ruined it with the stupid set up. That’s the level of power a fan of 70’s Hulk should have. ( *Sexy Dude note…I also liked the more pissed=bigger he got, which the Norton {my fave} Hulk lacked).
The Electricity Dad villian? Yeah…this is why Hollywood should do way more drug testing. The end.
Ahhh! Electric Dad!

The end…I liked that he had to release his anger/in a way embrace it to win…but, yeah…Electric Dad ruined that just on sheer dumbnicity.
But, I put it up there with GL…not as horrible as the hype. Not how I would have spent that dump truck of cash. Still better than Bendevil or Hex.
Your Pal,
Gusto/Thunder Bunz. Oh, and...Shane dies.

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