Mark Ruffalo Weighs In On HULK Prospects

Mark Ruffalo Weighs In On HULK Prospects

Tons of rumors are flying fast and free about the future of the Hulk after a scene stealing performance from Mark Ruffalo in Joss Whedon's Avengers. Tonight the actor took to Twitter to give his take on the current prospects for Hulk.

This certainly doesn't exactly kill a potential Planet Hulk adaptation after The Avengers 2 but it definitely puts the possibility further in doubt. After voicing those thoughts above, Ruffalo went on to retweet fans in favor of a solo Hulk film AND those against it. Recently, Joss Whedon called Planet Hulk rumors nonsense making a solo Hulk venture even more unlikely. He also recently talked about the challenges inherent with a Hulk film. Any writer worth his salt loves to tackle a challenge and I bet Whedon would take this one on in a heartbeat but the question here is whether Planet Hulk is the direction currently being discussed.

In tracking Marvel film news over the years, the only thing certain is that they're not afraid to explore all the possible angles. Scripts for obscure properties like The Inhumans and The Runaways have been commissioned, an indication that any and all avenues are being considered for potential film franchises. Obviously, most fans would love to see more Hulk but it's not going to be before Avengers 2 and who knows where things will head (and who will be left alive) after Mr. Whedon's personal affair with Earth's Mightiest.

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