Marvel On 'Captain America' Chris Evans & Future of The Hulk

Marvel On 'Captain America' Chris Evans & Future of The Hulk

The Marvel President talks about Captain America's actor, Chris Evans. And he also talks about the future of Hulk. Check it Out!

Yesterday, Movie Web got the chance to sit down with Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige, who was promoting Iron Man 2. Fiege talked about the lead star of First Avenger: Captain America, Chris Evans. And He also talks about potential sequels to 2008's The Incredible Hulk.

On concerns of Chris Evans as Captain America

"Yeah, I mean The Losers and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World I don't think so but frankly yeah, I didn't even consider him for a long time because of the Human Torch. I didn't purposely not consider him but he wasn't on the radar. Frankly I was watching for other reasons Sunshine again, then I was talking to Edgar Wright about him and I started to see how he is growing. By the way I thought he was great in those two Fantastic Four movies, he was a standout in those movies. I started to look at how he's grown since then. We sat down and talked in a meeting and I said, oh my God, (Steve Rogers) is sitting in front of me right now and I hadn't seen it for a long time. When we sat down and specifically started talking about Cap, yeah it was immediate. Cause Cap has a lot of size and is nothing like Johnny Storm. As you start to see more of Chris and where he is growing as an actor it's into a much more Steve Rodgers type place. He's in England now; he got on one of the first flights after the volcano nonsense went away. He's over there now prepping and rehearsing and the pictures that are coming back and the costume tests are pretty stunning," finished Fiege.

On a potential Incredible Hulk sequel

"Not before The Avengers," Fiege confirmed.

On reintroducing Hulk with The Avengers

"We certainly plan on it. He was there in "The Avengers
" #1 and in "The Ultimates" #1 so certainly the Hulk is a key part of these films leading up to The Avengers. Iron Man 2 has some clues to where these timelines take place as they relate to each other. So I certainly think Hulk will be a player on that team."

On Edward Norton's return

"A lot of it depends on the story, a lot of it depends on the schedule and a lot of it depends on the lofty ideas that we have. You also have to work with the realities of people's schedules as to when they are available and stuff like that. So we reserve the right to say Hulk will be in it for sure, we'll see about Banner."

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