This Unfilmed Scene From THE INCREDIBLE HULK Is A Real Nightmare

This Unfilmed Scene From THE INCREDIBLE HULK Is A Real Nightmare

Look at what I came across. A non-scripted "Airliner Fantasy" scene created by director Louis Leterrier ("Now You See Me") for The Incredible Hulk. Come check it out!

Production illustrator and storyboard artist, David E. Duncan, worked as an animatic artist on the 2008 Marvel film, The Incredible Hulk. He's recently uploaded an animatic titled, "Airliner Fantasy." It's of a non-scripted scene for The Incredible Hulk that director Louis Leterrier dreamt up. The scene involves Betty, played by Liv Tyler ("The Lord of the Rings"), having a scary daydream in which she envisions her and Bruce (Ed Norton) on an airplane. During the flight things get a little bumpy due to turbulence and Bruce looses his cool and the Hulk is unleashed. You can watch the video by clicking on the Vimeo player below (no embed). You can also view the storyboards that I screengrabbed.

"The Incredible Hulk": Unproduced "nightmare" scene from David E. Duncan on Vimeo.

"The Incredible Hulk": Unproduced "nightmare" scene, created by director Louis Leterrier, not scripted.

Academy Award® nominee Edward Norton stars as scientist Bruce Banner, a man who has been living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he finds himself coming face to face with his most formidable foe: the Abomination – a nightmarish beast of pure aggression whose powers match the Hulk’s own! Also starring Liv Tyler, Oscar® nominee Tim Roth, and Oscar® winner William Hurt, The Incredible Hulk is “steeped in action and spectacular special effects” (Claudia Puig, USA TODAY) and delivers a mind-blowing final showdown that can only be summed up with one word...INCREDIBLE!

Actors: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt & Tim Blake Nelson
Director: Louis Leterrier * Screenwriters: Edward Norton & Zak Penn
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