First Look At Black Bolt And Lockjaw On The Set Of MARVEL'S THE INHUMANS

First Look At Black Bolt And Lockjaw On The Set Of MARVEL'S THE INHUMANS

The first photos from the Hawaiian set of The Inhumans have surfaced and they offer up a look at Anson Mount suited up as Black Bolt along with a huge prop of Lockjaw which will be replaced with CGI.

The Inhumans is currently shooting in Hawaii, and as a result, we have a first look at Anton Mount suited up as Black Bolt. Unfortunately, it appears as if Marvel has decided to do away with the character's somewhat iconic mask, though it's understandable in some respects; why would the King of the Inhumans need to hide his face? That justification is, of course, unlikely to satisfy many fans.

Looking at the suit itself, it's clear to see that it's inspired by the character's comic book costume as the zig zag design has been lifted straight from the source material (but is black rather than white; they're clearly a fan of the X-Men movies in Atillan). Accompanying Mount was a huge green dog which we obviously know is the teleporting Lockjaw. That will be replaced by a fully CGI creation in the series, but this gives us an idea of his size and the fact he'll clearly resemble the version from the comics.

It's worth mentioning that it's possible this is one of many costumes Black Bolt will wear here.

More photos will no doubt surface soon enough, but what do you guys think of this first look at Black Bolt? Has Marvel done a good job of bringing him to life or is this costume a disappointment? 

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