ALL HAIL THE KING The Real Mandarin Exists

ALL HAIL THE KING The Real Mandarin Exists

The Marvel One shot solidifies the existence of the real Mandarin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus, Justin Hammer is enjoying Prison!

I just got Thor the Dark World On VUDU and went straight to "All Hail The King". The one shot Producers promised will rectify the entire Mandarin fiasco from Iron Man 3.

It appears the real Mandarin is quite upset about Mr. Slattery's performance of him and has sent in one of his operatives to extract Trevor to face punishment from him personally.

Trevor being high as a kite as always still didn't get where the conversation was going and asks if he knows who the operative is talking about to which the Ten Rings Operative posing as a journalist replies

"You took his name... And he wants it Back!"

Also in a surprise post credits scene it is revealed that Justin Hammer is alive and well And Funny as ever) and resents the attention Trevor is getting.

Since the real Mandarin was not in the short this gives Marvel free range to cast whoever they decide to go with when they do decide to use the Character down the line.

So what do you think? Does this change your feelings towards last year's "Ironman 3"? And who would you cast as "The Mandarin"? Leave your thoughts at the usual place!
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