Ben Kingsley Working On Secret MARVEL Project - Mandarin Not Finished?

Ben Kingsley Working On Secret MARVEL Project - Mandarin Not Finished?

Actor Ben Kingsley has revealed that he's working on a "secret Marvel project" during promotions for Ender's Game. Will Kingsley be reprising his role from Iron Man 3? Do fans want to see 'Trevor Slattery' return?

Ben Kingsley Iron Man 3 Mandarin not done

"It's a secret Marvel project. I'm not allowed to say any more, you're going to have to wait and see," said Sir Ben Kingsley when asked about working with Marvel Studios again. This statement comes from the veteran actor's recent promotional tour for Ender's Game. Kingsley refused to say whether that project is a return for his character from Iron Man 3 but that seems the likeliest option at this juncture.

On working with Marvel as a whole, Kingsley has nothing but praise for the film studio. "I think they have enormous taste as creative artists. There's nothing lazy or gratuitous about their work. They are at the top of their game, and they're great company to keep."

Kevin Feige was also asked about Ben's secret project but decline to comment. What do you think it could be? A return of Trevor Slattery in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc.? Voice-over work for Big Hero 6? Or something else entirely?

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