Drew Pearce Talks ALL HAIL THE KING

Drew Pearce Talks ALL HAIL THE KING

Love it or hate it, Marvel are continuing Trevor Slately's story as the Mandarin's façade with their All Hail The King short. Hit the jump to hear the directors thoughts behind the project!

Marvel is making a big deal out of their upcoming short, All Hail The King, packing it with easter eggs and nods to the rest of the MCU. Now, Drew Pearce, the man behind the infamous Mandarin twist, has spoke about Trevor Slately's next onscreen appearance; here's what he had to say:

I wrote a Trevor [short], actually, during shooting of 'Iron Man 3' down in North Carolina and we all liked it, but it was kind of dealing with a different part of Trevor's life. It was more of a straight-up retrospective of who Trevor was, and it felt like the One-Shots work best when there's action and intrigue and a real story to tell in the short, rather than just filling in the blanks. Though the One-Shots are technically a Blu-ray extra, I think they're kind of the most elaborate, richly put together Blu-ray extras in history. I think they work best when they don't just function as an extra scene, but they expand [the story].

Marvel and Pearce have also given us a bit more insight on the history of the project, telling us that Pearce had to impress an intimidating list Marvel execs (Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Jeremy Latcham, Stephen Broussard, Brad Winderbaum and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" writer/director Joss Whedon) before the project got off the ground.

We kicked about a whole bunch of my ideas, [and] some of them stuck, some of them didn't, [Then] I said 'Oh, Sir Ben loves Trevor, so I think there's a chance we could do a Trevor short.' Joss was literally incredulous, and just said, 'Look, you've got access to one of the world's very best actors, why are we even having this discussion?' And so it was born.

So what do you think of Pearce's comments? Will you be watching All Hail The King? Sign off your thoughts on the matter below.

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