Giant Crater On IRON MAN 3 Set; Plus Casting Wants Goodfellas, Rockers & Goths

Giant Crater On IRON MAN 3 Set; Plus Casting Wants Goodfellas, Rockers & Goths

A few days ago Iron Man 3 was filming in the small town of Rose Hill, North Carolina. The sets were covered in snow and Christmas decorations. Click the jump to check it out.

Photos Courtesy of Tre Morgan

Sue Wells They bought a ton of items from our Carolina East Wallace Hospice Thrift Store....last Saturday, they bought Christmas decorations....yesterday, he call me and asked could we open the store for them to purchase more items he had seen..... they bought desk, chairs, ...all kinds of office scene things...they are going to blow them up in a scene so they had to have duplicates of everything!!!

It's no surprise that Iron Man 3 casting needs adults and children of Middle Eastern and Indian descents, but what is unusual is that Caged Heat Casting has put out calls for extras that look like Italian mobsters, rockers, punk, and goths.
Seeking Males 30's -60's who can pass for Sopranos, Goodfelllas & The Godfather types. Submit to us [email protected] with the heading GUARD. Please DO NOT submit for this if you do not truly look the part.

Seeking Young Rocker, post Punk and Goth types. Males 18 -22 that can portray teens. Submit photo and your information to us at [email protected] with heading REQUEST.

Caged: Seeking Punk & Goth type males ages 18 -20 that can portray teens. Please submit your photo and information to us at [email protected] with heading GOTH

Iron Man 3 will be directed by Shane Black, and is expected to hit theaters May 3, 2013! The film stars: Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark), Gwyneth Paltrow (Virginia Potts), Don Cheadle (Col. James Rhodes), and with Ben Kingsley as the main villain.

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