Iron Man 2 Behind the Scenes Video May Hint at Crimson Dynamo Armor

<i>Iron Man 2</i> Behind the Scenes Video May Hint at <font color="red">Crimson Dynamo</font> Armor

Check out this video to see several possible armors for Iron Man 2; could one of them belong to Whiplash?

Last month, Sideshow Collectibles released a video featuring Legacy Effects co-founder, John Rosengrant; in which he discusses Legacy's involvement with the film.

The video opens with a nice display of the Iron Man 2 collectibles Sideshow will carry and goes on to showcase the full-sized armors used for the movie's production.

Now, onto the speculative part. Below you'll find several screencaps from the video. Each hint at an armor or robot that could very well be in the film. Could one of them be the final version of Whiplash's armor, the Crimson Dynamo?

* A couple of astute users have proven that several of these images couldn't possibly be for Iron Man 2, so what of the rest?

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