Iron Man 3: Bob Layton to Talk with Shane Black About Possible Villain THE GHOST

Iron Man 3: Bob Layton to Talk with Shane Black About Possible Villain THE GHOST

<i>Iron Man 3:</i> Bob Layton to Talk with Shane Black About Possible Villain THE GHOST

The legendary comic book writer informs 411 Mania that he will be meeting with the director of IM3, and will discuss his desire to see Robert Downey Jr. duke it out against The Ghost. He also describes the flaws of Iron Man 2.

Shawn Lealos writes for 411 Mania and Yahoo, he sat down with Layton and got him to open up quite a bit. Bob Layton is the man who revived the Iron Man comic with such wonderful story arcs like "Demon in the Bottle." Something that was poorly touched on in the last sequel.

Now mind you that this interview took place on the 11th of June, so there is a good shot that Layton has already met with Shane. Why this interview slipped through the cracks is bizarre, but I love the idea of using The Ghost.

Shawn Lealos – They say Shane Black is taking the movie back into the espionage side of things. Maybe bring back some classic bad guys like The Ghost.

Bob Layton – I'll let you know when I talk to him. The Ghost is who I want them to go with. It's the villain I want them to use. I'm looking forward to getting the chance to talk to him about it.

Shawn Lealos – When Rhodey put on the armor was that on your run?

Bob Layton – No. We created Rhodey but someone else put him in the armor. Which, I was always against by the way. Every time you have more than one Iron Man, it loses the uniqueness of Iron Man.

Shawn Lealos – At the time they put him in the armor, it was because Tony was going through the alcohol problems…

Bob Layton – But the trouble is, you can't put that Genie back in the bottle. We tried to do that because when we took over, we had Rhodey have a huge accident and swore he'd never put the armor on again, so we wouldn't have two Iron Men running around.

Shawn Lealos – But it happened anyway.

Bob Layton – Exactly. Look at the Iron Man 2 movie. It dilutes the uniqueness by having Rhodey running around as War Machine. Plus you have all those robots and everything. Every time you do that, it diminishes your lead character. I'm not a big fan of that.


"Ghost is an industrial criminal, someone who can sabotage corporations and steal secrets from them through computer technology. With Tony Stark's company based mostly on technology, this cyber terrorist might be a fresh concept to help "Iron Man" hit the ground running once " - Shawn Lealos, Yahoo

Powers and abilities - The Ghost wears a battlesuit that he designed, and that contains various devices powered by electricity. Cybernetic circuitry in the Ghost's hood enables him to control the devices in his costume by mental command. The Ghost's costume, due to the Ghost Tech, allows him to become invisible and to turn other objects invisible as long as he is touching them. The Ghost's costume also enables him to become intangible by placing him out of phase with this dimensional plane, granting him the ability to phase through objects. The battle-suit does not allow him to be both invisible and intangible simultaneously; it also does not allow him to pass through an unknown synthetic material developed by Justin Hammer's scientists. Circuitry in the battle-suit enables him to control and reprogram computers by touching the computers or equipment containing computers.

His battle-suit renders the Ghost undetectable by most scanning devices.
The Ghost also invented guns that fire bursts of electricity, and guns that fire concussive force blasts. He uses various explosive devices, including self-targeting Anson grenades and bombs activated by sound, and a large arsenal of high-tech weaponry.

The Ghost has a gifted intellect, and is a brilliant inventor, technician, engineer, demolitions expert, and computer scientist.
Courtesy of wikipedia

Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3, 2013.

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