Iron Man 3 prediction thread.

Iron Man 3 prediction thread.

See mine plot prediction and give yours for Iron Man 3 after the jump.

Hello everyone! I've been reading on this site for a long time and this is my first article. So apologies if I do anything wrong.

>>>>Spoiler warning from this point forward<<<<.

There are always rumors and predictions on this site, but I have never been able to find one thread designed specifically as a place for people to put their prediction for a certain movie. So this is my attempt to make the first (if I didn't fail to catch any previous ones) plot prediction thread for Iron Man 3. So when the time comes and the movie is out, you can safely say "I CALLED IT" and have proof. This is my plot prediction to start it off:

Movies starts as the Mandarin look over bunch files about Stark. He gives some brief description of himself and what he did etc. And concludes with him needing the new element Stark created in Iron Man 2 for the use of a larger scheme. Then it switches focus to Stark working on this awesome Iron Man 47 armor. Call comes from the R&D lab located in Stark tower, NYC. Some of Stark's neuro-interface stuff got stolen. And the police couldn't find anything because none of the security sensors got tripped. This gets Stark’s attention because those interface were being develop secretly for his new armor. Stark flies towards New York, saves a plane crash on his way like a boss. Turn out the Mandarin was behind the plane crash to ambush Stark. Stark got shut down and landed in middle of a town dressed up for Christmas. He then proceeds to get ambushed by some unfinished extremis soldier. They weren’t tough enough to defeat Stark. Mandarin gets enraged and steps out of the shadow to handle stark personally. He attacks Stark at his home in Malibu according to the teaser people saw at comic con. The raid put Pepper in a hospital but Stark wasn’t critically injured due to his new armor’s assembly time. Mandarin sends his men under the water near Stark’s mansion to salvage his new element. Back in the hospital Stark founds out pepper’s injures forces the doctor to abort their baby. Stark got pissed and ready to kill. Stark’s assistant Maya Hansen saw this and confesses that she gives the Mandarin the neuro-interface because he threatened her family. Maya told Stark she didn’t give Mandarin all the doses but left just one for herself. Stark injects himself with extremis and tracks down Mandarin with his new powers. But finds that Mandarins already perfected his extremis soldiers using a variation of the new element Stark created. Mandarin makes a reference that the real thing is hard to obtain in Africa. I do believe the element Stark created is some kind of vibranium because it was able to absorb all that energy the accelerator produces in Iron Man 2. Big finale as Stark battles Mandarin’s extremis army using his armor army.

I do hope the movie is more complex than what I have imagined though. Sound off your opinions in the usual place below.
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