IRON MAN 3 Ranks # 3 On Total Film's List Of The 50 Greatest Films Of 2013

IRON MAN 3 Ranks # 3 On Total Film's List Of The 50 Greatest Films Of 2013

With the huge success at the box office accompanied by the more than positive critical reception, Iron Man 3 continues to be the most accomplished comic book movie for the year 2013. Read on for more details

It's no secret that Iron Man 3 has dominated the box office this year, but what get's lost in the shuffle is how much the film dazzled audiences this year. Total Film recently released a list of the top 50 films of 2013 and ranked #4 is none other than the third outing of the Iron Avenger. It came in just behind 'Zero Dark Thirty', 'Before Midnight' and 'Gravity' to become the highest ranked CBM on the site's year end list.

Not to be left out, Man Of Steel and Thor: The Dark World clocked in at #28 and #34 respectively.

One thing to keep in mind when assessing this list is the fact that it was voted on by the magazine's writers and featured some somewhat controversial placements ('Prisoners' at #43, 'Fruitvale Station' being off the list, 'Much Ado About Nothing' even being on the list). Either way, it's great to see further proof that in the sea of films released this year that CBMs are without a doubt a force to be reckoned with

Below is Total Film's take on the Marvel Studio's blockbuster

What do you guys think about Total Film placing the movie so high? What were your favorite movies of the year? Sound off in the usual place
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