IRON MAN Made Of Urine Wins Top Art Prize (Video)

IRON MAN Made Of Urine Wins Top Art Prize (Video)

Wong Tin Cheung recently beat out six hundred entries in an art contest by using his urine to create a portrait of Iron Man. Click to find out how he produced the colors for this pee-tastic art.

Yeah, this is the type of art that makes me embarrassed to call myself an artist. So, this is what happened. One day Wong was peeing blood, yes blood, and instead of going to see a doctor he headed to his studio. He was intrigued by the mix of red and yellow at the bottom of the toilet bowl and like any good comic book geek he wonder if he could create an image of Iron Man.

Next Wong went off to go find the right toilet bowl for this project. It took him over two months to find a toilet bowl that would be the right shape for creating the outline of Iron Man's face. Once he had the bowl he entered an art competition:

Then he was eating edible pigmentation and successfully produced red, black and green urine. He arranged the colored urine to make it look like the character, and used his saliva to create foam for touching up. He needed to keep adding spit to his work while waiting for the judges to get to him during the contest. And of course, his artwork had produced a foul odor at the exhibition.

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