First Image Of Mickey Rourke As Whiplash in Iron Man 2!

First Image Of  Mickey Rourke As Whiplash in Iron Man 2!

Heeeeeere's Mickey! And he's suited up to take on Iron Man, or maybe a monster truck...

I would have thought it would be another couple of months, at least, until we saw this. But here it is! Looks pretty sweet to me. Can't wait till May 2010.

CBM Comment: Looks like Whippy has got his hands on one of Stark's power cells! Here's a bit of the USA Today Article...

In Iron Man 2, the scarlet and golden-metaled hero must face an adversary with some amazing gadgets of his own.

Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) sports a power pack on his chest that looks similar to the one that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) uses.

"The technologies are definitely related," says director Jon Favreau. "That's part of the core theme of the film."

The villain's alter ego, Ivan Vanko, is a Russian who "has constructed his own version of a suit," Favreau says. Among the creative innovations: a pair of whips, powered by the suit's glowing chest piece, that are expected to keep Iron Man cracking.

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