HB's IM2 Review

HB's IM2 Review

My likes and dislikes, nothing fancy.

Everyone's gonna see the movie, so a full review is unnecessary. I'm just gonna post the little bits I liked, and the ones I thought needed polishing.

The Good:
1. Black Widow's fight scene was amazing. I couldn't tell if it was wire assisted, CGI, or if it was an acrobatic stunt double, and that just makes it awesome. I cant think of a similar scene that was as fluid and realistically portrayed(not obvious SFX) as this one.

2.I liked the multiple plots. I knew watching it that some would not. I like a little more than just beginning-middle-end, even on my Summer blockbuster action flicks. I would not be surprised of some compare it to Pirates 3, a movie that I liked.

3.I liked how they set up the post credit clip throughout the movie.

The less good:
1.As much as I like Favreau, he was in the movie way too much. Maybe the character is more prevalent in the comics, but to me it seemed like his presence was forced in this movie. To me it is like Rhodes choosing the War Machine weapons was a mirror of Favreau picking his cameo.

2.To me it seemed like Tony Stark/RDJ, the main character/lead actor, had very few scenes where he was supposed to get the full attention of the audience. There was always something else, if it wasn't another main character, then it was a cameo, or an Easter Egg, or a cgi effect, or that stupid desk ornament. I know it sounds STUPID, but it stood out to me.

3.SLJ was just playing his generic SLJ character. That was very lackluster.
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