How Much Does All This Iron Man 2 Marketing Cost?

How Much Does All This <i>Iron Man 2</i> Marketing Cost?

Marvel Studios has partnered with over 10 different companies to dominate every form of advertising medium in an effort to promote their latest film; but how large is the tab?

Comic book movie fans aren't the only ones getting an eyeful of the Iron Man 2 marketing campaign currently underway. Tie-in advertisement is stretched across almost every industry and shown to the masses in every manner of medium; be it television, posters, radio, Internet viral marketing, promotional items or giveaways.

Most of the promotional partners for Iron Man 2 were involved in the first film back in 2008, including Audi, LG Mobile, 7-Eleven, Dr. Pepper, Oracle and Burger King. This time around Hershey Co.' Reese's brand, Royal Purple motor oil and Symantec's Norton software have joined the mix.

The first Iron Man went on to earn $318 million US domestically and another $267 million US overseas. Not bad considering the character was only barely recognized outside of the comic book fan circle.

"This was not a hugely recognized superhero character," Bob Sabouni, senior VP of business development and promotions for Marvel Entertainment told Variety recently. "These partners [involved in the marketing campaign] got the mystique of the Marvel brand the first time around and took their faith in that. They were pretty well rewarded and are now stepping up their game and creating even better programs."

Robert Downey Jr's portrayal of billionaire industrialist Tony Stark was a major factor in the marketing strategy. Downey played the role of a cool and charismatic hero with a penchant for high tech gadgets and the most lavish lifestyle money can buy. Stark's persona feeds directly into luring promotional partners for the films.

"A lot of our partners have latched onto Tony and are doing campaigns around living the billionaire lifestyle," Sabouni explained. "They find Tony just as appealing as Iron Man."

Fans of the films won't have to look too far to see the merchandise tie-ins. Not only are these companies running their own independent campaigns, but their products are heavily integrated in the films.

Audi alone is showcasing five of its models in the film; the most lavish, of course, is Tony Stark's vehicle the R8 Spyder sports car. LG Mobile phones and flat-screen TVs are used by all of the major characters in the film, as well.

The total cost to Marvel Studios in media buys alone is reported to be around $80 million US; with a total expenditure expected to exceed $100 million US by the time the film is released May 7th, 2010.

Iron Man, and his billionaire alter ego Tony Stark, has definitively turned into the new James Bond for marketers.

Be sure to check out the official Iron Man 2 movie site to see all of the promotional partners involved in the film.

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