Iron Man 2 After Credit Scene Revealed

<em>Iron Man 2</em> After Credit Scene Revealed

Somehow, a video of the highly sought after secret scene from Iron Man 2 ended up on YouTube, it was quickly taken down of course, but many of us got a chance to glimpse it first. Here is the description. MAJOR SPOILERAGE, do not make the jump if you want to be surprised at the end of the movie..

If you haven't seen it, or don't already know, here is a breakdown of the scene:

We see a car pull up in a desert setting. The license plate is revealed as 8RE 2Z1. A man exists the car and stands at the top of a hill looking down at something. Its SHIELD agent Coulson and he is watching a lot of exited activity buzzing around a large crater in the ground. He turns away and speaks on his phone..

"Sir, we've found him" He says.

The camera pans back to the crater and reveals Thor's hammer Mjolnir in all it's cool, faithful to the original comics, glory!

In fairness, this wasn't too much of a surprise. Screen writer Justin Theroux pretty much gave away the easter egg when he said this..

No, [the easter egg's] got to be very specific because you can’t…if it was all of a sudden Tony opens a tool box and there’s a friggin’ hammer in there, you can’t bone the next guy. You know it’s not like…you want to create possibilities. So that’s a very thought out piece. If the shield all of a sudden just falls out of the sky, whatever it is, whatever that thing is, you want to be very specific about it.

Anyway, still mighty cool I'm sure you will agree.

UPDATE: In case you still haven't seen it, here's the vid:

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