Iron Man 2 in Jeopardy! Marvel Suits Being Cheap with Favreau

Disheartening news out of! They've learned that Marvel Studios Chairman David Maisel is playing it cheap with director Jon Favreau, and that they may go with another director for Iron Man 2!

UPDATED: 6/12/2008 - Marvel has made a belated offer to director Jon Favreau. Read about it HERE, then get the follow-up article HERE where you find out just WHAT they offered.

File this under "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?" I swear, these idiot executives are always screwing this stuff up! Check out what is reporting HERE, and then come back and take the below polls to show Marvel how WRONG they would be to make the STUPID decision to dump Favreau.

Should Marvel Risk Iron Man 2 with a DIFFERENT director?

If Jon Favreau is NOT rewarded with a bigger paycheck and offered directorship of Iron Man 2...

Get David Maisel's background from our 2005 article about Dave's hire at Marvel HERE.

Join the discussion on our Iron Man Movies Messageboard HERE.
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