Iron Man 2 Most Anticipated CBM of 2010

<em>Iron Man 2</em> Most Anticipated CBM of 2010

MTV poll results confirm Iron Man 2 is the most awaited CBM property (like we ever doubted it)!

MTV made a poll of what CBM the fans are most looking forward to and surprise... surprise who is leading the pack. Getting more than half of the votes is Tony Stark himself - IRON MAN! Way far from his heels is Kick-ass.

Here's the poll from MTV.

Iron Man 2: 53%
Kick-Ass: 11%
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: 11%
Jonah Hex: 8%
Dead Of Night (via write-in votes): 7%
The Losers: 4%
The Green Hornet: 3%
Priest: 1%
Red: 1%
Other: 1%

With no real threats from DC except maybe Jonah Hex it seems like next year belongs to the Golden Avenger
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