Meet the Ironettes: Renee Herlocker

Meet the Ironettes: Renee Herlocker

Learn a little more about one of the Ironette dancers from Iron Man 2. Plus, check out a few new photos of the girls on set.

Though the Ironette dance sequence only appears for a few short moments during the opening sequence of Iron Man 2, it's definitely been a fan favorite scene.

Former Denver Broncos cheerleader Renee Herlocker was one of the elite few selected to introduce Tony Stark at the fictitious Stark Expo in the film. Here, Renee shares a bit about her experience on the set of the Iron Avenger sequel:

How much time were you involved in the shootings of the film?

The shooting process for the Ironettes consisted of two days on set. We also had two days of rehearsal at a dance studio prior to shooting.

Did you get the opportunity of knowing some of the main actors? How did they impress you? Did some of them make a particularly deep impression on you?

On set, the Ironettes scene is shot with Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. He was such an amazing actor to watch while he performed his monologue, but what impressed me more was how he was between takes. I enjoyed watching him go through his lines and get into character. He was very kind to all of us and I noticed his particular sarcastic sense of humor which was an unexpected joy.

Being on set, could you observe Favreau's working methods? What do you think about that?

This being my first involvement on a major motion picture I observed and soaked every moment in. Our director, Jon Favreau was so professional and obviously had an exact vision going into shooting, but to sum him up in one word, would simply be "cool". He is hilarious, gracious, and very easy to work with. He made the long hours and takes enjoyable with the energy he had.

How many girls were parts of the "Ironettes group"? Did you keep in touch out of shootings time?

The Ironettes consist of 16 woman whom all have had dance/professional cheerleading experience in the past. It was a great group to work with. I was the only dancer that was not local from LA, so most of them have worked together or been on auditions together. They all welcomed me with open arms and I stay in touch with most of them through Facebook.

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Click on the image below to visit Renee's website to learn more about the dancer/actress/model and see where she'll be appearing next!

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