More From Kevin Feige on Iron Man 2 and The Avengers!

More From Kevin Feige on Iron Man 2 and The Avengers!

More From Kevin Feige on <i>Iron Man 2</i> and <i>The Avengers</i>!

Marvel Studios President of Production on keeping the important parts of Iron Man 2 secret and talks more about Joss Whedon directing The Avengers...

In a recent interview with HITFIX, Kevin Feige has talked more about making Iron Man 2 a movie for those who both read the comic books and those that dont, John Slatery, Mickey Rourke's secret costume, Sam Rockwell, Black Widow's role in the movie and Joss Whedon as director of The Avengers! These are some of the main highlights of the interview but for the whole thing, follow the link at the bottom of the page!

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On Making The Movie Easy To Understand For Non-Comic Book Readers:

"It's hard, frankly, because you don't want the audience to feel like they have to do homework before they go to a movie. We live in this every day, and someone who reads your website may recognize Captain America's shield in Tony Stark's stuff he gets from his father, but a large part of the audience isn't going to do that."

On Nick Fury:

"There are lots of people who never saw the scene at the end of the first one, and even if they did, they thought he was just some weird guy. And for people who haven't seen that scene, now there's some weird guy who shows up at a donut stand. And all they really need to know is that he's a weird guy who wants to recruit Tony for something, and they have some history together."

On Whether John Slattery Will Return As Howard Stark:

"To be honest with you, we usually sign people up for multiple performances, but I'm not sure if we did that with him. Certainly, though, Howard Stark is an important part of the continuity, especially moving forward."

On Keeping The Final Look of Mickey Rourke Secret:

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"It's impossible to do these days, and the only way to really do it is to structure your visual effects pipeline so nobody has access to those scenes until the very last minute. Those grabby-hand marketing department guys can only get what's done."

On Sam Rockwell's Almost Complete Absent From The Trailers:

"And now he's one of my favorite things about the movie. It's just that the nature of his scenes, they don't really cut well into trailer beats."

On Keeping Black Widow's Role In The Film A Mystery:

"Yeah, that was tricky! Since she's got a big S.H.I.E.L.D logo right there on her arm, we had to photoshop that out of all the early materials we sent out."

On Joss Whedon Directing The Avengers:

"We haven't announced that! I can't talk about that in particular, but I can say that we like choices that cause debate among people. All of the filmmakers that we look at for our films have pros and cons, and the most important pro for us is having a point of view and bringing something to the table that we might not otherwise have."

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"Look, we can help a director with the effects or the massive size of the production. I still remember after 'Zathura,' Favreau wanted to do everything with models. Yeah, he's changed that tune a bit!"
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