SEGA's Michael McHale Talks Iron Man 2 Video Game!

SEGA's Michael McHale Talks Iron Man 2 Video Game!

SEGA's Michael McHale Talks <i>Iron Man 2</i> Video Game!

The games development director discusses improving the sequel, creating the story and kicking ass as War Machine...

SEGA's Michael McHale is the Development Director for Iron Man 2, and he recently talked to CBR News about the game and what fans can expect from it. Below are some of the main points from the interview but to read more just follow the link at the bottom of the article!

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On improving the sequel and what to expect from the game:

Whenever you make a sequel, you obviously want to improve on the things that didn’t work so well in the first game. On the flip side, though, what were the high points from the first game that you wanted to carry over to 'Iron Man 2'? The challenge of creating an Iron Man game that truly delivers on what the character can do is that you have to create a hybrid style of game – part shooter, part melee fighting with a little flight simulation action thrown into the mix. The best thing about the first game was the feeling of flying the Iron Man suit within large environments. For 'Iron Man 2', we wanted to make it easier to control, yet maintain that feeling of power and freedom when you fly through the world.

On the games story:

We created a new story for the game that exists within the film universe, yet is entirely new. We wanted to capture some of the existing themes from the film, so the story touches upon Tony’s brilliance and the idea that powerful technology can be used for harm or for good.

We’re all big fans of the comics and wanted to include some of the great characters from Iron Man’s rich comic book history. The key was making sure they fit within the film universe.

On War Machine's role in the game:

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War Machine is available at the beginning of the game and you are given a choice between Iron Man and War Machine for most of the missions. In order to tell the story properly, we do have certain missions that require a specific character, but, essentially, you can play the entire campaign with War Machine if you choose to do so. War Machine is the heavy ballistics guy. He uses brute force during his attacks and has his own unique weapons, such as the gatling gun. He is slower but more powerful. They are both very fun to play and offer a different experience.

On being able to customize Iron Man and War Machine's armor:

When you complete missions, you earn a certain number of data points, depending on how successful you were. These data points can be used to research new technology, such as new ammo types and modules. For example, I can take a missile launcher, add a module that improves my reload time, and add explosive ammo for higher damage. If you want to mount lasers on each shoulder of Iron Man, you can do that. If you want to load up War Machine with all missiles and rockets, you can do that too. It is up to you!

The game will be released on all formats in the US on May 4th and in the UK on April 30th.
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