Teabag Reviews Iron Man 2!

Teabag Reviews <i>Iron Man 2</i>!

Shoot To Thrill or Shot in the Foot!??? Come inside and find out...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHH, lucky us Brits were today to see probably the most anticipated sequel in many years. Iron Man 2 has been on our radar for a long time and with an impressive first movie the expectations were very high!

First of all let me say this movie is epic, in scale and performance so lets start with the latter as I'm sure you will agree the plot is something to be enjoyed first hand...

RDJ is as charasmatic as ever as Tony Stark, its easy to see how much RDJ lives the Stark role. Every facial expression every whisper every line is commanding the audiance to love this character. Plus, with added drama and personal turmoil he delivers beyond his work in Iron Man.

Paltrow again delivers everything and a little bit more from her performance in the first. The chemistry between her and RDJ lifts the normal love interest storyline into compelling viewing.

Mickey does add some spark as Whiplash and emotional depth in the first half but fizzles out in the 2nd half of the movie. As great as he is, I just didnt feel he was an effective villain. What I mean, is that a good villain is threatening. I saw in another article that he said he didnt know what was going on in the movie and I can beleive it :P

Rockwell is a master in the same mold as RDJ. I must admit I thought Hammer was going to be a similar character but I was happy to see his character had less confidence and was a more effective villain.

Cheadle lacked impact for me, he came across a little lost in my opinion and the only time I felt any impact or charisma from him was his very last line.
Saying that, I found Cheadle to be the real villain of the movie.

Scarjo was very cool in her action scenes but in every other scene she came across robotic for me. I know I'm not a big fan of her but I dont think it was her fault more the writing.

SLJ was awesome as Fury....yes, he wasnt Dirty Harry but he was more engaging! :)

LEEE will be happy since Stan Lee's cameo is too quick to notice, lol! :P

The movie is great but I think the anticipation for this movie made me feel the first half was strung out. I was desperate to see some Iron Man action but I felt like I waited an eternity. (exaggeration I know!)

Once the Action hits OH MY was it fantastic, with great CGI and a bigger budget the action literaly blew me away with its awesomnesssseses!!! :)

War Machine did what it said on the tin but I was impressed more with IM's hand to hand fighting than with WM firepower.

Overall, I give Iron Man 2....

4 Ironettes out of 5

To be honest I gave Iron Man 4/5 when I first saw it but after the second time it became 5/5 and I'm sure this will be the same!

Iron Man 2 is epic, epic, epic, and I have just tried to be honest with my thoughts and I'm sure im the only one who felt them.

Is it the best CBM?? I'm not sure yet but i do know its the most fun.

Teabag out :D
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