Thor Cameo in Iron Man 2?

Thor Cameo in Iron Man 2?

Thor Cameo in <em>Iron Man 2</em>?

Is that Chris Hemsworth as Thor in this Iron Man 2 featurette or just wishful thinking?

Italian movie site BadTaste just ran an article speculating on whether a prisoner glimpsed in the recently released French Iron Man 2 featurette is actually Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Personally, I don't see it. I mean, sure, the guy has a beard and vaguely Hemsworth's hairstyle, but he doesn't look very tall or muscular. Plus, why would he be in prison in the first place?

However, the clip is strange for one reason: The camera pauses on the scene for a split second after Robert Downey, Jr. walks out of frame. A good filmmaker never, ever wastes even a second of screentime on something unimportant or trivial, so this character or this scene must be important for some reason. But, Thor? It doesn't smell right to me. It sounds very much like the search for Steve Rogers' picture in The Incredible Hulk that had people going crazy for months...

Stop the video at 1:18 to see for yourself!

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