EDITORIAL: Sorry IRON MAN 3, I Shouldn't Have Been So Mean To You

EDITORIAL: Sorry IRON MAN 3, I Shouldn't Have Been So Mean To You

First things first, obviously I'm not trying to beat any already dead horses, but trying to revitalize it as best I can! Almost 6 months after its release, I can finally say I enjoy this movie more than ever. Read on for my take..

When I first saw Iron Man 3, I thought to myself that this was the worst Marvel movie to date only because it seemed more comedic than it was supposed to. Of course in a movie theater, all the contagious laughter could've easily swayed my mind and prevent me from capturing the seriousness of it. I remember too much unnecessary footage that just made it feel out of place in the MCU. I will say I still don't care for all the parts where Tony's suit falls apart, and the Mandarin twist. But I have looked past those issues, and I can say I enjoy it very much for what it is.

Like most of you know, it was released last Tuesday so I thought I should rent it and see if anything has changed. As I said I thought it was too comical during the first view, but now I see it is much more serious and darker than I remember. Of course it doesn't have a 'Dark Knight' grittiness to it by any means, but the parts that are serious and emotional are exactly that. Also the parts that are trying to be comedic are also amusing for the most part. I've always been a big Jon Favreau fan so I loved the opening with him as Tony's overprotective bodyguard. Especially when he's given the job as the head of security, and he nags at everyone who's missing their badge. I laughed so much at these parts that this I believe was where I realized I was already having second thoughts.

Then came the actual hardcore parts, where Tony is admitting his problems and I began to feel for the character in a deeper way than what I originally remember. From there on, the majority of the first half is very serious, also because of Kingsley's character bringing the frightening illusions of his terrorizing character. Of course I knew he wasn't going to be the real villain, but it certainly still built enough hype for me to keep taking the movie seriously. During the first view I didn't care for the movie taking itself into Tennessee and having the main character sided with a child for the middle of the story. Now I think it was very nicely put together, and I see why they utilized Harley (Ty Simpkins), in place of JARVIS while he was under repair. A part I found hilarious was when Harley tries to guilt trip Tony and when Tony realizes that he's like, "You know how I know that? Because we're connected!"
Obviously in text it's probably not funny at all but RDJ does it great.

The Air Force One scene was easily my favorite part because it just reminded me all the amazing qualities of the first 'IRON MAN.' The last fight with the Iron Legion was good, but it could've been much better. Almost like how 'The Wolverine' has two great first acts but the last was just not up to par with the rest. The second trailer really made me think the forty suits would pack such a hard punch, and there was so much specifications being released as far as what each of these suits do and the tech that makes them unique. That really wasn't explored at all, other than the Igor suit supporting the weight of the construction, but even that could've been done better. I really wanted the Heartbreaker, Silver Centurion, and especially the Gemini space suit to really show off. Of course I shouldn't expect anything when seeing a movie, but I know it would've been so cool! Ben Kingsley I still say was underutilized but it is what it is. Guy Pearce could pull off a great villain, but I wish he wasn't given the line, "I am the Mandarin!" because he wasn't. The Mandarin we know and love is alive in the comics and animated features only, and once I realized that, the easier it was for me to accept this movie for what it was. Last nag, the after credit scene I must admit was a waste. I mean it was okay, but it should've been another tease for part of Phase 2. All in all, the last part was good but could've been better in my opinion.

With all that being said, this movie was much better than what I originally remembered, and I thought the least I can do is put my apology in words. I talked a lot of shit about this movie so now I guess I'd like to respectfully take it back if I could. I still think 'Iron Man' and 'The Incredible Hulk' are the best movies from the MCU. But for all of those people who didn't and still don't enjoy it, I suggest another watch. I re-watched it by myself too and I don't know if that had any influence, but I am Pleased to say this movie gets a thumbs up in my book. Anyways, I love this site, Spider-Man is and always will be the shit, and god bless to everyone. Peace out!

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