Tamashii Japan Reveals SHFiguarts For IRON MAN MARK 42 & IRON PATRIOT

Tamashii Japan Reveals SHFiguarts For IRON MAN MARK 42 & IRON PATRIOT

Following last year's release of the Iron Man Mark 6 & War Machine, Tamashii Japan has revealed the latest additions to their SHFiguarts premiere action figure series: Iron Man Mark 42 & Iron Patriot. Come check out the extremely detailed figures now!

It's been one year since the release of the first American heroes in the SHFiguarts series, the Iron Man Mark 6 and the War Machine. Now a new Iron Man joins the ranks! It's the Iron Man Mark 42 from the hit film "Iron Man 3 , "the follow-up to" The Avengers. "SHFiguarts' cutting edge action figure technology is a perfect match for Tony Stark's newest, most cutting edge Iron Man suit to date.

An incredible amount of attention was lavished on rendering the high-tech details that distinguish the Iron Man Mark 42 and the Iron Patriot. The SHFiguarts team re-created the designs with total faithfulness to their on-screen appearances, but they didn't stop there. Every panel line, every tiny mechanical detail, was rendered with perfect accuracy. This fixation with accuracy even extended to creating panel lines of different widths on different parts. When you handle the figure for yourself, we're sure you'll be amazed by the sheer level of accurate detail. The same articulation system that proved so popular with the first figures was employed once again to ensure high posability without breaking the sleek silhouette of the figure. Different materials were used to ensure action posability while maintaining a sense of hardness, including a portion of die-cast metal, giving the toy an excellent sense of weight and presence.

Click HERE to check out more details or click HERE to check out last year's release of the Red/Gold Iron Man Mark 6, Black/Gold Iron Man Mark 6, and War Machine.

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