Ironette from Iron Man 2 Speaks & a look at Concept sketches!

Ironette from Iron Man 2 Speaks & a look at Concept sketches!

Ironette from <i>Iron Man 2</i> Speaks & a look at Concept sketches!

An Ironette that was featured in the trailer, and AC/DC video, speaks on her blogsite about working on the film. And a concept artist provides a couple of sketches on his blosite. Check em out!

In the sequel, Tony Stark has a team of sexy cheerleaders that support him in whatever. Well now one of the girls, Renee Herlocker, speaks about being on working on the most anticipate sequel of 2010. ( via Her Blogsite

Iron Man 2 "was a really fun project," Herlocker says, explaining that "I'm actually in the opening of the movie. The lead character, Tony Stark [played by Robert Downey Jr.] has a cast of professional superhero cheerleaders called the Ironettes, and I'm one of them."

In addition to strutting her stuff, Herlocker says she was originally scheduled to speak a line or two prior to Downey delivering a big speech to a convention crowd. Problem is, he was having problems memorizing all the dialogue, so the sequence was cut down in length, and her speaking part wound up being scrapped as well. "It's all good, though," she says -- and she praises Downey, who was on set for one of the three days she spent shooting in L.A., as "a really good guy."


And speaking of the Ironnettes, concept sketch artist, Chris Kawagiwa, has provided a couple of sketches from the film, on his blog site. Check em out

(Special thanks to RealIrOnMaN of Spidermedia)
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